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3 dogs rescued from plane find forever homes with first responders who saved them



DELAFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) — Three dogs rescued from Tuesday’s plane crash now have forever homes with the very people who saved them.

“He is one of the puppies that I know for sure that I moved during the operations,” Lake Country Firefighter Elle Steitzer said about the new puppy she named Lucky.

Lucky is just one of the dogs now living with a Lake Country Fire & Rescue team member. Lucky and 52 other dogs were recovered by first responders after the plane they were flying on from Louisiana crashed on a Waukesha County golf course.

There were no major injuries to the dogs or the three people on the aircraft.

Steitzer said she named her new puppy Lucky because what happened on Tuesday was nothing short of a miracle. She had wanted a dog for some time, and when these dogs fell out of the sky, she knew she had to adopt one.

“I’d really like to have one with me for the rest of my career in the fire service,” she said.

Another dog, named Artemis, after the spaceship that left the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral the same day the plane crashed in Delafield, is now living with Firefighter Amber Christian.

Christian visited her local animal shelter the day after the accident.

“[The shelter] let me visit all of him and his siblings, and he just kind of sat in my lap. He has a really good demeanor. He kind of picked me,” Christian said as she laughed.

More fire department members are expected to adopt dogs from the plane crash in the coming weeks. The dogs are available for adoption at HAWS shelters in Southeastern Wisconsin.