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Family members remember lost loved ones in Oxford shooting



OXFORD, Mich. – (WNEM) One year later and the pain is still fresh. The tragedy at Oxford High School forever changed so many lives in the small community after four students were shot and killed.

Hana Saint Juliana, Tate Myre, Madisyn Baldwin, and Justin Shilling were the four victims killed. All of them were teenagers who were just knocking on the doorstep of the rest of their lives, with college, careers, and aspirations all ahead of them, but were taken too quickly by a killer.

It’s been a painful 12 months for the community of Oxford filled with heartache, memorials, vigils, and calls for change. The community once again comes together to honor those who lost their lives while in the hallways of the school.

Crystal Baldwin said how she lost her niece is all she thought of as she listened to the church bells chime at 12:51 pm today. The moment, one year ago, when her niece, Madison Baldwin was gunned down at the high school.

“I mean, everything just comes back,” Baldwin said.

Crystal spoke with TV5 during a chance meeting at St. Joseph Church in Lake Orion. The church opened its doors to all for quiet prayer to reflect on the tragic event that left Madisyn and three of her fellow students dead and seven others injured.

“It’s been rough. She was a big piece of our family,” she said, “and that hole is still there.”

Baldwin said it’s a loss that can’t be put into words. “She had big hopes, big dreams, that obviously will never be.”

Baldwin said that Madison did not die last Nov. 30, because they’re keeping her alive by talking about her.

“She wanted to graduate with all A’s and she did that. She was going to go to college. She was a big advocate for autism. She loved her family. She’s a family girl through and through. Loved animals, children, you name it,” she reminisced.

Baldwin said it felt comforting to come to church and be with so many people from a community trying to heal from the unthinkable.

“Sticking together, talking about Madisyn, and even the other three, that’s what we have to keep doing,” she said. “Because the second we stop is when everybody forgets. And they should never be forgotten, ever.”

At 7 pm Oxford officials are inviting the community to simultaneously light luminaries outside their homes to honor the teens who lost their lives one year ago.