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Flag football game raises money for Bristol officers



FARMINGTON, Conn. (WFSB) – Tonight, hundreds of community members came out to show their support of the Bristol Police Department and the families affected in last months tragedy.

The Farmington and Bristol Police Department went head to head against the Farmington and Bristol Fire Department for a flag football game.

“It’s just a great family. All of us, we’re all a big family and we’re here to support each other and we’ll do it as long as we have to,” said Jeff Hopkins.

A moment of silence started the game and blue lights could be seen all throughout the stands.

This is the second annual flag football event at Farmington High School.

“Just a great opportunity for us to go out and give back,” said Chief Colin Ryan, Farmington Police Department.

Last year, the event was held for the family of Farmington officer James O’Donnell who was nearly killed in the line of duty.

This year, it is held in support of the Bristol Police Department and families affected from last months shooting.

“It’s been a tough month for law enforcement, particularly for Bristol. We did this event last year when we had an officer injured in the line of duty and it was received very well. Just a fun night to try and raise a little money to help the people who have been affected,” said Chief Ryan.

Community members from all over came to watch, including retired officers.

“My two sons are actually police officers, one of them is playing in the game tonight. We’re very proud to be here. We’re here to support us, we always support us,” said Jeff.

“I can’t even begin to imagine what some of the families are going through right now and it’s just a small gesture on our part to be here,” said Martin Miller.

The Chief says it is a brother and sisterhood and they will help any way they can.

“We’ve been helping since October 12th and we’ll continue to support them in any way we can,” said Chief Ryan.

The police took home the win at 46 to 26.