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Georgia cash assistance program encounters glitch



ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – A statewide cash assistance program designed to support thousands of needy Georgians is more of a hindrance than a help.

The Department of Human Services acknowledged a technical glitch with their system this week preventing some recipients from accessing the funds.

Joe Petro got excited after receiving a $350 prepaid card from the state, just days after his wife racked up a hospital bill in the thousands.

“It’s a blessing and again I’m thankful and I thank Governor Kemp, but I sure could use it today,” Petro said.

Unfortunately, he said his card did not work at his local grocery store and he has not been able to find out why.

“I probably called fifteen times. Thirteen of them the phone just quickly hung up, but never went through,” Petro said.

The problem is that the Georgia Department of Human Services encountered a technical issue affecting some transactions with the cash assistance program prepaid cards. DHS told CBS46 they are working diligently with Mastercard to implement the fix.

“It’s almost embarrassing. I get all the way up there and she rings it up and I was yeah, I’ve got this because it worked at QT and bang, bang, bang and nothing,” Petro said.

The Georgia Department of Human Services is now working with individuals still having issues and they said purchase issues have largely been resolved. A DHS spokesperson said they will also be reaching out to Petro to resolve his problems.

“Thank you, gratitude, I appreciate it, you’re the best. My wife you’ll probably put her in tears,” Petro said.