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Indiana siblings add candy to empty bowl for trick-or-treaters: Video



HAMMOND, Ind. (WLS) — Siblings in Indiana, generously gave back to the trick-or-treaters who would come after them when they encountered an empty bowl on Halloween.

Camden and Macie Chesner were trick-or-treating in Lowell when they realized the candy bucket at a home was empty. Most kids would walk away, but Camden decided to do better.

“I’m gonna put some candy in there,” he’s heard saying on the home doorbell video.

It was a brave moment for the big brother, who generously added some candy with his sister.

“I once saw something on YouTube and it was someone giving someone’s candy bowl, like a teenager took all the candy from it,” Camden said. “So I was thinking it would be nice too and also do that.”

The owner of the home where it happened shared the video with Hammond firefighters, who then set out to search for Camden and Macie’s mother.

“It makes me feel really good, like I wasn’t really even expecting it,” their mother said. “All day I was just really proud of them.”

Residents are now calling them “Halloween heroes,” so we wondered what they think it means to be a hero.

“Someone that, um, helps others and does anything to help anybody in need,” Camden said.

“Helping people when they get hurt,” said Macie. “And when they get hurt I tell them to take a deep breath through their nose and take a breath out through their mouth.”

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