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MSPCA hopes ‘very special’ horse named Merlin is adopted before 1 year of homelessness



METHUEN – The MSPCA at Nevins Farm is hoping a “very special” horse can be adopted before he spends an entire year being homeless.

Merlin is a 33-year-old American Paint horse. When he arrived at the farm last December with bad mouth problems that prevented him from eating solid food, he was very underweight at 850 pounds.

“Now, Merlin is close to 1,100 pounds and so much healthier,” equine supervisor Rachel Diersen said. “He’s really made remarkable strides over the past 11 months.”

Merlin’s former owner on Martha’s Vineyard was charged with felony animal cruelty, and the MSPCA was given full custody.

The horse has a “wonderful personality” and the MSPCA is searching for an “awesome retirement home.”

“We’re looking for adopters who understand how to care for senior horses and the extra management they require,” Diersen said. “His days of enjoying rides with humans may be over, but he will still be a great companion in the right home.”

Potential adopters can learn more on the MSPCA’s website.