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Pastor says vandalism at Meriden church is a ‘cry for help’



MERIDEN, Conn. (WFSB) – A pastor with the First Congregational Church says someone spray painted words on their front steps over the weekend. Police are looking for a suspect, but the pastor is not looking to press charges.

“I felt angry and then when I saw and read what they wrote, I thought this person was in need and they are crying out for help,” says Pastor Clarence Hayes.

The spray painted messages on the front steps read, “Confess those sins, I’m the main character,” and “13 Hospital Visits.” Hayes says these words are a sign for help.

“We want to help them. That’s what the church is all about, is helping people who are going through a difficult time,” says Hayes.

He wants the person to get the resources they might need.

Hayes is hoping to clean the vandalism soon, but says it will be a costly fix.

“Who is going to pay for that? All of that costs money and takes time,” says Hayes.

For now he is offering this message to residents.

“Keep this beautiful building, historical building, just the way they put it together 150 years ago because it is beautiful,” says Hayes.

Church leaders are asking for donations to add security cameras and more lighting. If you would like to donate or have any information on the people involved in the vandalism, call the church at (203) 235-5704.