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Philadelphia sanitation worker fatally shot while on the job



PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are searching for the shooter involved in killing a sanitation worker who was on the job. The fatal shooting happened along the 3300 block of Tudor Street near Rowland Avenue in the city’s Mayfair neighborhood on Friday.

Police believe Ikeem Johnson, a 35-year-old sanitation worker, was targeted, but investigators are still working to figure out what led up to the shooting.

“It’s not normal around here,” Jazz Ransom said.

Neighbors in Mayfair heard the barrage of bullets on Friday.

“First I heard probably four, maybe five gunshots,” Ransom said.

Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says the shooting “wasn’t random.”

“We don’t believe it was random just based off the fact the suspect knew where the victim was, meaning at some point, was able to track either on foot or in a vehicle. We don’t know at this point, but just based off the nature of the confrontation and how it occurred and how quickly it occurred, we believe it was intentional,” Outlaw said.

Officials say Johnson was riding in the passenger side of the trash truck when a gunman walked in front. The victim then exited the truck but almost immediately, police say the gunman began firing.

“The streets department mourns the loss of our dedicated employees,” said Philadelphia Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams. “It’s tragic that he had to lose his life while serving the public and so we support the family and our deepest prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.”

Johnson worked for the sanitation department for five years.

“This gentleman and his two co-workers woke up and they were coming to serve the citizens and the City of Philadelphia. This man didn’t go home to his family,” Managing Director Tumar Alexander said.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney arrived at the scene and gave his condolences to the sanitation workers.

The shooting happened around the corner from Lincoln High School and Austin Meehan Middle School. A school district spokesperson says two schools went on lockdown for about half an hour after the shooting.