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“Saintly City Snow Angels” connects St. Paul residents with volunteer shovelers



ST. PAUL, Minn. — Shoveling snow can be a problem for people who are older or living with a disability, but it turns out there are plenty of Minnesotans willing to lend a helping hand.

A Facebook group called Saintly City Snow Angels is connecting St. Paul residents who need help with volunteers willing to shovel for them.

Seneca Krueger volunteered to clear the snow off the wheelchair ramp outside Jean Kingbird’s home Tuesday.

“My eldest son that I’m the caregiver for uses a wheelchair for mobility, so if that ramp is covered, he cannot leave the house at all,” Kingbird said.

After Krueger was finished, Kingbird was so appreciative she almost cried.

“It feels very joyful. It feels loving and I’m very, very grateful,” Kingbird said. “You’ve given him access to everything, and I think people underestimate how big of a difference that makes.”

Krueger said volunteering makes her a happier person.

Seneca Krueger and Jean Kingbird


“I get so much out of this, too, by just being able to like, I don’t know, help neighbors,” Krueger said.

The Snow Angels have no age requirement. A group of wrestlers from the St. Agnes School in St. Paul left practice Tuesday and shoveled snow for two houses nearby.

“While it’s pretty easy for us, it can make a big difference for them,” said Henry Misenor, an eighth grader on the team. “Feels pretty good. I’m glad I can do this.”

The creator of the group, Heather Worthington, hopes to develop similar volunteer networks all over the city.

“It gives me so much joy to do this. It’s a little bit ridiculous how happy it makes me [laughs]Worthington said. “I actually think that most people do want to help each other, and sometimes they just don’t know how to get started.”

If you live in St. Paul and will either need help shoveling this winter or would like to volunteer, Click here to join the group.