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State humane society group forms rescue in Bienville Parish



ADA TAYLOR, La. — A call to the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office about an abandoned nursing mother and her eight puppies has led the Humane Society of Louisiana (HSLA) to form a rescue or humane society in the area.

For the past two weeks, the Humane Society has relied on a dispatcher from the sheriff’s department to leave food and water for the canine family. But more help is needed to get them off the street.

Bienville mama dog

According to the Humane Society, Bienville, like a lot of rural parishes, does not operate a public shelter nor does it provide any type of stray animal pick-up services. Stray animals, unless a good Samaritan picks them up and brings them home, simply live and die on the streets.

The Humane Society would like to see the parish provide basic services to give unwanted animals a second chance, HSLA Director Jeff Dorson said.

A concerned citizen reported to the sheriff’s office that a momma dog and her eight puppies likely had been abandoned by a former resident who left the area. The sheriff’s department contacted the Humane Society, which made arrangements with a dispatcher to leave food. Although the mother dog is friendly and approachable, her puppies are skittish and scatter at the sight of people.

“We are hoping to form a group, purchase traps, and coordinate catching these puppies and bringing them to a vet, hoping we can socialize them before they become feral,” Dorson said. “We also hope that if people help with this rescue they will also help us establish a formal humane group in the area, which is desperately needed.”

The puppies stay within a half-block radius, from 314-322-324 Pete Lyons Road in the town of Ada Taylor. The three homes on the street are abandoned, and the puppies roam the area but scatter when a car approaches. Some hide under parked cars or in a small culvert, Dorson said.

Those interested in joining the puppy rescue efforts are invited to contact the Humane Society by calling 1.901.268.4432 or emailing them at [email protected] The Humane Society hopes to rescue the mother dog this week.