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Waynesboro supports newest store that helps human trafficking survivors



WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) – It’s official: Magnolia Rose store is officially open for business. From plants to pop-ups, shoppers are loving the store’s purpose to continue chiming in against all kinds of human trafficking.

“I think it’s needed, and I hope it brings positive attention to the issue so that people will know more about trafficking, know more about what it looks like, and more about how to help people in the area — and I’m just glad that Magnolia Rose is here,” Shopper Joy Ingram said.

Representative Ben Cline worked with groups regarding human trafficking before he was a congressman. He knows the store will be a success in advocating with many people getting involved with the cause.

“Support for these organizations from the grassroots level is what’s most important. This type of organization reaches out to the community and says, “Yes, we can beat sex trafficking, we can beat human trafficking in our community because we come together and support organizations as a community,” Rep. Cline said.

The store is an outlet for victims and survivors stepping out of the cycle of sexual exploitation. Waynesboro Mayor Bobby Henderson says the grand opening is a great reminder to constantly support small businesses and nonprofits.

“They’re holding the grand opening on a perfect day for that so come out and support Magnolia Rose and, while you’re supporting Magnolia Rose today, walk up and down Main Street and support them too,” Mayor Henderson said.

Proceeds made at Magnolia Rose’s store help provide resources including an emergency apartment for survivors across the state.