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Multibagger Stock has given exceptional returns in one year, always fast, what’s in your portfolio?



New Delhi. Multibagger Stock: 2022 has not been a good year for stock investors so far. The BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 indices have fallen almost 10% so far. The Nifty 500 has lost 12% this year. Global factors have a major role in the downfall of the Indian market. Investors are withdrawing money from the stock market due to the fear of a global recession due to rising inflation around the world due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Even in this time of recession, some stocks in the stock market have given multiple returns.

The share of GKP Printing & Packaging is also a multibagger share. For 3 years, this title has not allowed its investors to suffer losses. Over the past year itself, this stock has given a return of Rs 640 to investors. On Friday, June 24, GKP Printing’s stock also rose and the stock closed at Rs 185.50 with a gain of 1.45%. Its 52-week high is Rs 193.95, while its 52-week low is Rs 22.75.

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Reached from Rs 25 to Rs 185.50 in one year
GKP Printing & Packaging small cap multibagger stock had a price of Rs.25 a year ago. The stock has jumped 640% in one year and reached 185.50 rupees today. Similarly, over the past six months, this stock has yielded a profit of 44.53% to investors and has risen from Rs 128 to Rs 185.50. In 2022, this multibagger stock has jumped 28% so far. Earlier this year, its price was Rs 144.50. The stock has gained 28.25% over the past month. The stock has gained 6.17% over the past five trading sessions.

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Investments have multiplied by more than 7 in one year
In Multibagger stock, GKP Printing & Packaging, an investor who invested Rs 1 lakh a year ago and maintained his investment, gets Rs 1,28,596 in a month. Similarly, the investor who had invested one lakh rupees in this stock six months ago, this investment from this investor has now come in the form of Rs 1,44,921. If an investor had invested one lakh rupee in GKP Printing stock a year ago, today he receives 742,000 rupees from one lakh rupee.

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