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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Preview: Elizabeth Reveals To Amber Why Brice Can’t Move In With Her



Elizabeth pays her mom a visit to talk through some things in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 4 episode of 7 Little Johnstons. Elizabeth reveals, “Brice can’t really move in with me right now.”

7 Little Johnstons
Elizabeth talks with Amber in the all-new episode. (TLC)

She explains to Amber, “It’s just money-wise right now because he doesn’t want me to pay for like rent and utilities even when he does move in. He wants to do it the right way, and he wants to be able to have enough money so that when he moves in he can take care of rent, utilities, and all his bills.”

Elizabeth says that Brice is “steadily getting his savings up, but he just wants it to be where he moves out he won’t have to move back in with his parents.” Amber respects Brice for being upfront about his situation.

Amber notes that Elizabeth has had a payroll job, school, and more “socialization” than Brice has. Amber tells her daughter that “there’s never going to be that perfect time. You’re never perfectly going to be ready.”

Elizabeth admits she asked Brice about a timeline. Brice told Elizabeth that he would be able to move in before he was 25 or 26 years old. “She was starting a savings account before she was 16,” Amber says about Elizabeth. “In a sense, he’s doing exactly what you did, he’s just doing it a little bit later. He needs to have the amount of time that you had to build that savings account and to understand paying bills, things like that, before he actually moves out so he knows exactly how it’s going to feel to be out on your own.”

7 Little Johnstons
Amber hears Elizabeth out when she talks about Brice not moving in. (TLC)

Amber wonders when Brice is actually going to be able to move in with Elizabeth. Elizabeth reveals that she thinks it’ll be the “end of this year” before that can happen.

Elizabeth is thankful to have her mom to discuss all these things with. “I always need my mom, always need to talk to her. She’s my best friend mom, person. I mean, I’m pretty much like her,” Elizabeth gushes. Even when she’s older, Elizabeth says she’s “always still going to need her.” The series 7 Little Johnstons airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on TLC.

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