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‘AGT: All-Stars’ Recap: Simon Cowell Gives His Coveted Golden Buzzer To A Stellar Comedian



Mike E. Winfield

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Image Credit: NBC

The third round of AGT: All-Stars Auditions begin with season 17 fan-favorite Avery Dixon. After coming so close to winning America’s Got Talent, Avery is back to win it all for his mom. He is a total showman with the “Avery Dixon Experience” and performing “Happy” by Pharrell. “You stepped it up,” Howie Mandel declares. Simon Cowell adds, “This was you at your very, very best… You have absolutely set the bar right now.”

Mindreader Peter Antoniou wants to prove himself to Simon, who pushed his red X in AGT season 16. Peter has Terry Crews and Howie join him for a psychic tea party, as well as a random audience member. While he correctly guesses some things, Simon still presses his red X.

Avery Dixon
Avery Dixon on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

Howie thinks that Simon is “100 percent wrong” about Peter. Simon says that the act “takes too long” because of Peter’s “lack of showmanship.” Heidi Klum and Howie disagrees. “What he did felt like a superpower,” Howie says.

Gymnast Viviana Rossi returns to the AGT stage after being unable to perform ahead of the finals. She admits that she came back too soon after her injury. This time around, she’s more than ready with her incredible aerial work. She receives a standing ovation. Heidi admits that she’s “mesmerized” every time she watches Viviana. “There’s no question you would have made the final last year,” Simon tells Viviana.

Dustin’s Dojothe first-ever Golden Buzzer act from Howard Sternis back for AGT: All-Stars. Simon and Heidi press their red X, while Howie gives them a standing ovation. Heidi confesses that she still doesn’t “get it” when it comes to this act. “It wasn’t karate, it was crappy,” quips Simon. Howie stands by Dustin’s Dojo.

Comedian Mike E. Winfield from season 17 gets a standing ovation from the crowd before he even says a word. He’s got his eyes on the AGT: All-Stars win and proves it with his hilarious stand-up. Simon even laughs out loud. Mike gets a standing ovation from everyone.

Mike E. Winfield
Mike E. Winfield on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

Simon tells Mike that he’s “come back funnier, more confident.” Mike replies that he’s “here to play” and at the top of his game after doing this for 20 years. The crowd goes wild for Mike. Simon really wants to see Mike in the finals, so he presses his Golden Buzzer!

Magician Keiichi Iwasaki from Britain’s Got Talent brings the fun with his goofy but pretty impressive act. Howie thinks Keiichi is “amazing,” and Simon loves that he’s a magician with some personality.

Dance Town Family Wasn’t able to perform in AGT season 15 due to COVID-19, and they think it prevented them from winning. Since their last time on AGTthey’ve performed with Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl. Their performance is truly sensational. “It was just spectacular,” raves Heidi. Simon says he’s not normally a fan of this kind of act, but “this was exceptional.”

Karen Montero is only 17 years old and has already won Dominicana’s Got Talent in 2021. She performs a stunning rendition of Lauren Daigle’s “Rescue.” Heidi tells Keren that she has such a “powerful and beautiful voice.” Simon thinks Keren has a solid voice, but he wanted to see her do a song that is her own unique version.

Australia’s Got Talent alum Captain Ruin falls flat with his knife-throwing challenge. Simon presses his red X during the act. Simon admits there was a “lot of build-up” and “not much delivery.” Howie thinks Captain Ruin’s performance “needed an edge.”

Karen Montero
Keren Montero performing on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

The final performance of the night comes from AGT season 14 act Bir Khalsa, and they don’t disappoint. “This was by far the craziest thing I’ve ever seen… ever,” Howie admits. Simon tells the group that this was “one of my favorite performances.”

Only one more act will be joining Mike E. Winfield in the AGT: All-Stars finals. The top 3 of the night: Peter Antoniou, Keren Montero, and Avery Dixon. Keren comes in third place. Peter follows in second. The act going into the finals is… AVERY DIXON!

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