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‘AGT: All-Stars’ Recap: Terry Crews Hands Out His Golden Buzzer After Powerful Performance



Terry Crews

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Image Credit: NBC

The second round of 10 acts will be taking the stage for only 2 spots in the AGT: All-Stars finals. In the second week of the competition, Terry Crews is the one who will be able to hand out his Golden Buzzer, sending his chosen act straight to the finals.

The first act of the night is Divyansh & Manuraja flute and beatboxing duo who won India’s Got Talent season 9. They give a riveting performance on the AGT: All-Stars stage. “It was kind of like Bollywood meets Brooklyn,” Heidi Klum says. Howie Mandel believes the duo just “created a viral moment.”

Sarah James
Sara James on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

AGT season 17 alum Sarah James returns for AGT: All-Stars and puts a unique and stunning twist on Harry Styles’ hit “As It Was.” Heidi calls Sara a “star in the making.” Howie thinks that this could be a “winning performance” for Sara.

Argentina’s Malevo from AGT season 11 delivers a show-stopping routine for the audience. “I think this was perfect genuinely,” Simon Cowell says. After Malevo walks off the stage, Simon tells the judges that he wishes he could have given Malevo his Golden Buzzer.

Tone the Chief from AGT season 8 brings high energy with their electric performance of “B-Double-OTY.” Simon approves of the song and calls it “great.” AGT season 16 winner Dustin Tavella returns to the stage for a chance at AGT: All-Stars glory Once again, Dustin is so compulsively watchable with his performance. “That was another genius, perfect performance,” Heidi says.

Aidan Bryant
Aidan Bryant on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

Aidan Bryant is ready to get a second chance at an AGT win. The aerial acrobat came in second to Dustin in season 16. He’s now 18 and taking more risks than ever. For his AGT: All-Stars performance, he has no nets. He takes his act to the next level with his insane flexibility. After Heidi mentions it, Aidan admits that he almost slipped during his performance. Howie admits that he’s usually not a fan of the “single-person aerial act,” but he says that this was “definitely much better than anything I’ve seen you do.”

Jamie Leahey is just 13 years old and already made a name for himself Britain’s Got Talent. This is his first time in America. Simon points out that the young ventriloquist is “very charming.” Comedian Jackie Fabulous from AGT season 14 brings all kinds of laughs during her stand-up routine. Howie gushes over Jackie’s “stage presence and charisma.” Simon thinks that Jackie has gotten better since the last time she was on AGT.

The Detroit Youth Choir takes the stage for a jaw-dropping and inspiring performance of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. The AGT season 14 runner-ups leave the room stunned. “I’m actually speechless,” Simon admits before adding that this was “absolute creative magic.” He even wipes a tear away from his eye. Howie believes this was a “championship performance.” Terry is so inspired by the Detroit Youth Choir that he gives the group his Golden Buzzer!

Vitoria Bueno
Vitoria Bueno on ‘AGT: All-Stars.’ (NBC)

The final act of the night is Vitoria Bueno, an 18-year-old from Brazil who was born without arms. The Germany’s Got Talent Alum eats using her feet, brushes her teeth using her teeth, and more. Her performance is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Heidi tells Vitoria that she has “so much poise, so much elegance.” Simon admits that he was “mesmerized” by her performance.

The first act in the top 3 is Aidan Bryant, followed by Divyansh & Manuraj and Vitoria Bueno. The act in third place is Vitoria, so it’s down to Divyansh & Manuraj and Aidan Bryant. There’s only one spot in the finals, which goes to… AIDAN BRYANT!

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