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Alicia Silverstone, 46, Strips Naked In New PETA Campaign: ‘That’s How Much It Matters To Me’



Alicia Silverstone posed for a nude photoshoot as part of PETA’s latest campaign to promote alternatives to leather made from animals. The actress, 46, looked amazing as she stripped down to just a pair of cowboy boots in the desert in the photos, released on Tuesday, December 20. She explained that she felt it was an important cause in a video interview, accompanying the shoot. “If it takes me getting naked for you to care about animals, then that is what I’m after,” she said. “Today, I’m doing a photo shoot with PETA. I never, ever get naked. In TV, in film, nothing! Never, nope! But, I’ve done it for PETA, because that’s how much it matters to me.”

Alicia promoted wearing vegan clothes in the campaign. (PETA)

Alicia spoke about how she was inspired to take part in the campaign after she learned that making leather from animal skin and hides is not as sustainable as some people may believe. She mentioned that plant-based leather can be made from mushrooms, pineapples, and cactuses. “My dream is to get these Earth-friendly, vegan materials into the hands of the greatest designers,” she said.

The Clueless actress concluded by saying that she’d hoped that people would consider how using alternatives would be excellent not only for the animals but for the planet. “I really like the merge of being conscious of no animal skins, but also being conscious of the Earth, because we all have to live in it, the animals and us, and without it, we’re screwed,” she said. “We also want a healthier life. So I’d rather go naked than wear animals.”

Alicia looks gorgeous in all-black at the Harper’s Bazaar Icon party. (Shutterstock)

Alicia has been a well-documented vegan for years. She’s penned two vegan cookbooks. She opened up about going vegan after seeing a documentary in an interview with Live Kindly. “I had a realization that I was an animal lover eating animals and it didn’t feel ok to be aware of the terrible reality behind the animal agriculture industry and condone them by actively participating in it with a non-vegan diet,” she said. . “I realized that until I stopped purchasing animal products, the suffering would never end.”

The Batman And Robin star has done so much work with PETA in the past and explained that meeting with the animal activist group helped change her perspective in a March interview with the Simply Vegan podcast from Vegan Food And Living. “It changed my life. It was the best thing that ever happened to me,” she told the outlet about meeting with PETA.

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