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Anna Cathcart Teases ‘To All The Boys’ Spinoff Series: ‘It’s A Whole Different World’



Anna Cathcart

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Image Credit: Associated Press for LEGO Dots

Get ready for more Kitty Covey! Anna Cathcart will be reprising her fan-favorite role from the To All The Boys movies in a brand-new spinoff titled XO, Kitty. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Anna about this new chapter for Kitty.

“You’ll see Kitty in a whole new way, a whole new world, a whole new space,” Anna teased while promoting her partnership with LEGO Dots. “A lot of years have passed. She’s 16 now and in high school. She’s in grade 11, and we last saw her in middle school. It’s a whole different world and shows her in a different light, which was so much fun to explore. It was a character that I have known now for so many years, but she is, of course, that same girl that we all know and love. But she’s also very different, which is really fun to figure that out.”

Anna Cathcart
Anna Cathcart as Kitty Covey. (Netflix)

Anna filmed the upcoming Netflix series in South Korea. The actress said it was truly the most unforgettable experience of my life. It was one of the craziest things that I’ve gotten to do and the most fulfilling as well… Seoul was just beautiful, there was so much to explore. We got to film in so many different locations. When I was there for To All The Boys I was there for a couple of weeks, but this time I was there for many, many months. It was a very different experience to get to live somewhere and really experience a culture and just the whole world. I’m so grateful and so lucky. I met some lifelong friends that truly made the experience what it was.”

Anna was joined by her co-stars, and she said that filming away from home was “truly the most bonding thing. It’s like summer camp. They’re your whole world. You’re all together. We all lived in the same hotel, ate every meal together, we truly became family. I would not trade that for the world.”

While XO, Kitty is within the To All The Boys universe, the series will introduce fans to a new world. “She’s not at Adler High. She’s not in that world that we’ve already established. It’s a whole new setting, which just brings a whole new adventure as well and a whole bunch of new characters, which is so much fun,” Anna said.

The To All The Boys movies are based on Jenny Han’s bestselling books. Jenny’s latest TV adaptation, The Summer I Turned Prettybecame an instant hit in the summer of 2022. HollywoodLife asked Anna about a possible crossover.

Anna Cathcart
Anna Cathcart at the LEGO DOTS event. (Associated Press for LEGO Dots)

“I love. I didn’t even think of that. I do not know. That would be like world-shaking,” Anna said. “I would love that. I’ve watched the show. It’s incredible. All those characters I feel like Kitty could definitely be friends with them. I think that would be amazing.”

Anna has wrapped filming and teamed up with the LEGO Group to create three limited-edition posters based on three trending aesthetics. The posters speak to the actress “in different ways.” Plus, each poster is customizable with LEGO DOTS. “There are no rules with it. You can design whatever you want, which is my favorite part about it. It’s been so much fun getting to collaborate with them and make something awesome,” Anna noted.

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