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Anupamaa June 27 Episode Update: Baa and Rakhi Dave will have a tough fight! Will the sitar play under the snake’s ear?



Anupamaa Monday Episode Update: Ever since Anuj Kapadia’s sister-in-law Barkha entered the history of the Anupama TV show, people’s interest in the story has increased a lot increase. After Anupamaaa and Anuj Kapadia got married, everyone thought everything would be fine, but now that Anupama’s sister-in-law has entered Anupama’s life, her life seems to reach the same point again. Niwas.

What’s going on in Anupama right now?
This time the only difference is that Anupama’s husband Anuj is holding his wife’s hand all the time. However, since Anuj’s sister-in-law Barkha came to this house, she was seen jealous of Anupama due to all the wealth and fame in Anupama’s name. Anupama’s sister-in-law Barkha slowly wants to take over Anuj’s property and business.

What will happen in Monday’s episode?
In Monday’s episode of Anupama, once again Anupama and Kinjal will be seen caught in a clash of ideas. Political games began to play out in both the Shah family and the Kapadia household regarding Kinjal’s baby shower. While everyone is very excited for this baby shower, we will once again see Baa supporting his son even if he is wrong.

There will be fierce competition between Ba and Nagin
Because Vanraj Shah is not at home, so after being convinced by Kavya’s words, she decides that without Vanraj this baby shower party will not happen. On the other hand, Anupama will also try to explain to her family that how can a daughter-in-law’s baby shower take place without her mother-in-law? But Rakhi Dave ie Naagin does not want to cancel this baby shower at any price. She goes to Anupama with a furious warning that the baby shower date will not be cancelled. Now there will be fierce competition between Rakhi Dave and Baa.