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Aura Garrido: “Without references, it is very difficult to imagine yourself in a space and in a place”



The first time Aura Garrido (Madrid, 33) pointed her finger at the screen and said “I want to do this” was while watching Superman. She still remembers the enchantment that produced this only daughter, with a predilection for fighting loneliness by imagining stories interpreted by her dolls, seeing Christopher Reeve fly over the skies. Besides, his kryptonite particular was indecision and being an actress unfolded before her eyes a spectrum of possibilities. “For me, it was the opportunity to live multiple lives, to be multiple people,” says Garrido, who took the opportunity to become an actress to give voice and face to many of fiction’s most unforgettable characters. recent.

What was described as the great revelation of the national industry is today one of its great realities, able to carry on its shoulders productions that even aspire to conquer markets beyond the homeland. This is the case of the series a private matter (which opens September 16 in 240 countries via the Prime Video platform), in which Garrido travels to Galicia in the 1940s to play Marina Quiroga, a young woman with a vocation for detective who tries to track down a killer by overcoming the bad guys, barriers or gender biases that stand in their way. A powerful heroine ahead of her time, like the Amelia of The ministry of time or the Matacuras of bastards, noticing some sort of professional pattern that even she can’t explain. “I don’t know why they offer me these kind of roles, I guess it has to do with what you emanate. I feel lucky because when I started there were very few of them.

DIOR jacket and CHANEL skirt. Photo: PABLO ZAMORA

Although he interrupted his vacation to chat with S-Mode, his cheerful character blends perfectly with thoughtful and serene speech, only hampered by an asthmatic cough which he fights off with a glass of water. The rest seems necessary: ​​he has just shot two films —dawn Yes someone to take care of me—, in the fall returns to the cinema with A love story, and the promotion of a private matter just started. With her voice now clear, Aura Garrido is full of praise for her co-star in the series, Jean Reno, who plays the cunning butler who accompanies her while solving the crime. Son of Cadiz, the French actor displays here his status as a world star and a striking Andalusian touch. “You don’t see Jean’s cunning or fussiness,” he concedes. “He works hard to be prepared and once on set he looks you in the eye and it breaks your heart. Only the big ones have that.

As if he were one of the greats, the face of Aura Garrido occupied the covers of dozens of media outlets this summer. The publication of some photographs with his partner Mario Casas precipitated the headlines of ‘surprise couple of the summer’. She prefers to remain silent and is convinced that a hypertrophied exhibition will not affect the course of her routine. “It all catches up to me at an age where I have the most high things, when I was younger it would have been hard to deal with being well known. It must be hard to always keep an eye out to see if someone one looks at you”, he confirms, adopting a more solemn tone. His life is also a private matter: “I have always led a very intimate and normal life, and I very much appreciate the balance that I have could live those years.”

The actress wears the LOEWE ‘total look’. Photo: PABLO ZAMORA

It was not easy to balance. In just two years, Aura Garrido went from signing up for the theater to being nominated for a Goya Best New Actress for projects for tomorrow. later they would arrive Crematorium, Ghost Promotion That is stockholm, which earned him another nomination. And the crush has become routine, the vocation into a career and the singularities into sacrifices. “This job is complicated because you disappear for months when you are filming, you are not very present in the routine of your family and friends…. Several times, I wondered if this was really the life I wanted to have,” he admits. The feeling of instability has not disappeared, but the love of the job is stronger: “I can’t see myself doing anything other than telling stories.”

A passion that led her to make her directorial debut in September 2021 with Braulia, a short film on the management of the duel of two childhood friends. “I always thought I would like to explore the other side, but I don’t know if I want to direct or produce. What I know is that I’m not ready yet”, she recalls. As the opportunity presents itself, Garrido highlights the transformation of an industry which has added terms such as representation or diversity to his vocabulary. “It’s impressive to see how much everything has changed in such a short time. The mentality, the prejudices, the conversations that take place… It was very brutal”. a long way to go, but women are finally occupying previously closed spaces and Aura Garrido wonders how her reality might have changed if this systemic tremor had happened earlier.” Without references, it is very difficult to imagine herself in a space and in a place, so I thought my only space there as a woman was as an actress. Maybe if I was born now, I would have been interested in being a director. I will never know.”

Garrido, with a MIU MIU look and a CHANEL belt. Photo: PABLO ZAMORA

* Styling: Ángela Esteban Librero. Make-up and hair: Natalia Belda (M. Pérez) for Guerlain and Sebastian Professional. Assistant photographers: Maitane Huidobro and Mario Val. Stylist assistant: Belén Claver.

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