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Ayoni Shares Her Musical ‘Vision’ With New EP & Exclusive Playlist Of Songs That Inspired Her



When the final curtain falls on 2022, Ayoni will make sure to take a bow. In the past six months, the Barbados-born singer released The Vision EP, a new collection of music heralded by the singles “You Said I Love You Too Soon” and “Before I Prosper.” With the arrival of The Vision In September, Ayoni continued her path towards music superstardom, pairing her dynamic voice against production that weaves between the genres. There are touches of R&B, soul, dance, pop, and psychedelia, all pieced together to create a captivating listening experience from start to finish.

(Caleb Griffin)

“I’ve fallen deeper into the rabbit hole of adulthood and come to know intimately the loneliness and confusion that dwells simultaneously alongside the novelty and joy of forging my own path in this world,” Ayoni said regarding the release of her EP in September. “I believe The Vision EP marks my arrival into more intentional and ambitious production as I welcome my audience to consider with me what it takes to see a vision through.”

For those unaware of this dynamite talent, Ayoni has curated a special playlist for HollywoodLife That not only shares a look at her influences but also gives some insight into the tracks making up The Vision.

Ayoni’s HollywoodLife Playlist

Rachel Chinouriri, “Darker Place”

“I love Chinouriri’a genrelessness and the depth and layers in this song. It’s very emotional and unique and really inspired me when producing the EP.

Ayoni, “What To A Sinner Is Holy”

This is my song about adulthood and navigating the unknown waters of adulthood.

Solange, “Losing You”

I love the sad pop sound of this record. It feels like crying while dancing, and I think that’s a feeling I’ve had consistently throughout this year.

Ayoni, “Before I Prosper”

[“Before I Prosper”] is my baby and one of my favorite songs ever. This is a song that feels purely like me from start to finish. With bold, layered production and twists and turns, this song represents the climb after a setback.”

(Caleb Griffin)

Lil Silva, “Another Sketch”

Probably my favorite song of the year; this song is such a feel-good electronic track. I love the alternative, emotional undercurrent to this one, it feels like a soundtrack to a great moment in life.

King Princess ft. Fousheé, “Little Bother”

Alt-indie reality! I love this track and where Foushee and King Princess take a moody record like this, it feels full of angst and yearning.

Ayoni, “If You Leave”

This track is the most hyper-pop breakup track ever. I love the journey of it and how it gains momentum throughout!

Anna Wise, “Some Mistakes”

The groove of this track is so strong. Anna Wise seemed to really understand how to create something that moves you, and this inspired my approach Vision on the EP.

(Caleb Griffin)

Ayoni, “Vision”

[This is] a pop groove track. This is the song on the EP, all about dreams and manifestations and trusting that good things will happen in divine alignment.

Dijon, “Many Times”

The moodiest track with such a unique bite. I love the personality of this track and the drum production. Very memorable and different for today’s time.

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