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Bengali actor Saibal Bhattacharya attempted suicide and explained the reason



bengali series Actor Saibal Bhattacharya is very famous among the public because of ‘Prothoma Kadambini’. He had shared a video of himself on Facebook, in which he is seen injured in his house. There is blood on the actor’s face. He attempted to commit suicide.

When Sable’s close friends learned of his suicide, they immediately took him to a private hospital and admitted him. According to the media, he had no job, because of which he was in depression. Bengali film actress Pallavi Dey, Manjusha Niyogi and Bidhisha De Majumdar had committed suicide some time ago. Sable was saddened by the suicides of these stars and wanted to do the same.

Saibal Bhattacharya attempted suicide with a sharp weapon
Sable attempted suicide on Monday by injuring himself with a sharp weapon. The actor is admitted to a private hospital. The actor’s health is said to have improved. He was also struggling with family issues. He blamed his in-laws and his wife for forcing him to commit suicide.

Sable suffered from addiction
He started taking more medication under the stress. Even when he attempted suicide, he was still in the nation. In the video he shared on Facebook, he recounts the compulsion to kill himself while referring to his wife and mother-in-law. The actors had trouble finding work, but they couldn’t find it.

Sable has worked in many shows
The public saw him working in shows like “Amar Durga”, “Mithai”, “Uron Tubri”. Besides acting, he also wrote screenplays and wrote dialogues. This fourth story on suicide came out of the Bangani cinema. The tendency of actors to commit suicide surprises and worries.

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