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‘BIP’s Kate Defends Rejecting Logan’s Rose: He ‘Repeatedly’ Didn’t ‘Show Up For Me’ (Exclusive)



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The Nov. 21 episodes of Bachelor in Paradise featured the men giving out roses for one last time before fantasy suites. Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan had a lot of back and forth leading up to this rose ceremony. However, Logan was all in. “Kate, I still think about our night down by the beach when we decided to be together,” he said. “We’ve walked through fire together and I know I don’t always make it easy, but I still believe in that feeling and still believe in you and me. So will you accept this rose?”

Unfortunately, Kate was NOT on the same page. “We’ve had some unforgettable moments on the beach,” Kate admitted. “You also told me that I was critical, looked down on you, not warm enough and stimulated by the trauma. In reality, those are projections that I feel from you. When Jesse [Palmer] told us earlier to ask ourselves if we were happy or in love, the answer for those questions for me is no. I know what I want and this isn’t it. So no, I will not accept this rose.”

kate gallivan ogan palmer
Kate and Logan at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

Logan and Kate hit it off during split week and had a quick physical connection. However, she wasn’t happy with him when he didn’t ask her to say no to Hayden Markowitz asking her on a date. After going on the date with Hayden, Kate started to realize that she might want someone with more of a stable lifestyle and career than Logan. She started worrying that they were in two different places in life. She went back and forth for days after that before eventually landing on the decision to reject Logan.

“Listen, it’s way more complicated than it’s shown,” Kate told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “There’s a lot that happened that wasn’t shown. I think that these conversations that I’m having with the girls [about Logan’s lifestyle] are conversations that a lot of women at my age and stature have. So I don’t really apologize for that.”

kate gallivan
Kate at a ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ event. (ABC)

Kate hinted that she didn’t get a fair edit, as she said she doesn’t “remember” the situation being the way it was on television. “But, at the end of the day, I have needs that are different as a 33-year-old woman than I did when I was 25,” she added.

Kate also said that there was “a lot that wasn’t shown” about her journey with Logan. “There was a lot of me giving him the chance to show up for me and he didn’t, repeatedly,” she claimed. “So at the end, it felt like it was a rose I could not accept. I had to stay true to myself.” As for where she stands with Logan today, Kate said she has “no issues” with her ex. “Logan is not a bad guy at all,” she admitted. “He has a ton of amazing qualities, but for me, where I’m at in my life, I’m not looking for a boyfriend that I can laugh and hangout with. I’m looking for a husband that I can buy a house and have babies with.”

Logan was at peace with the split when he spoke to us EXCLUSIVELY, as well. “I just want Kate to move forward and have a better experience moving forward,” he said. “I learned some things and I hope she did, too. I’m pretty proud of the way I conducted myself. I think there’s always something we want to change, but overall, I’m happy with the person I was. I’m happy with the way I made connections with friends and really gave myself a shot. I really put myself out there.”

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