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Bonnie Raitt’s Husband: Everything To Know About Her Past Marriage To Michael O’Keefe



Bonnie Raitt

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  • Bonnie Raitt is a folksinger known for her hit song “Just Like That.”
  • She was previously married to Michael O’Keefe.
  • During the Grammy Awards on Feb. 5, 2023, Bonnie took home the Song of The Year & Best American Roots Song awards.

“Just Like That” hitmaker Bonnie Raitt, 73, is a blues and folk singer with 13 Grammys to her name. Some of her other hit songs include “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and “Love Letter.” The red-haired beauty recently stole the show at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards when she took home the award for Song of The Year for her hit “Just Like That.” In addition, Bonnie was recognized for Best American Roots Song for the same track! Although the 73-year-old is a successful musician, some might wonder about her personal life, including who she’s married to. Below is everything to know about Bonnie’s ex-husband, their marriage, and more!

Bonnie Wright husband
Bonnie Raitt & her ex, Michael O’Keefe, (BEI/Shutterstock)

Who Is Bonnie Raitt’s Husband?

The California native is not currently married, but she once had a nearly decade long marriage to the actor Michael O’Keefe67. The 67-year-old has starred in many hit movies throughout his decades-long career including his work on The Slugger’s Wife. Michael has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s most notable names including Meet the Parents Star Blythe Dannerthe late legend Peter Fondaand Men in Black‘s Tommy Lee Jones.

Michael is so talented that he was even nominated for a prestigious Academy Award in 1981 for his work on The Great Santini. That same year the New York native earned a Golden Globe nomination for his work on the same film. Aside from acting, Michael has also dabbled in directing with one project, Raising the Ashesto his name, according to his IMDb page.

Their Marriage

Bonnie Raitt
Bonnie Raitt is a singer & Grammy-winner. (@broadimage/

Bonnie and The Great Santini star tied the knot over three decades ago in 1991. Although they stayed married for nearly 10 years, they ultimately called it quits by 1999. The songstress and her ex are relatively private people and did not discuss the details of their relationship often. During a rare interview with Rolling Stone In 1990, Bonnie opened up about her and Michael’s love story. “This relationship kind of snuck up on me. I was in Los Angeles for a while in the fall, and I made a video about the homeless called ‘Wake Up America’… and Michael sang on the record and was directing us,” she recalled at the time.

“And I gave somebody my number to give to him, and I went back out on the road. He called, and when I got back, we went out and have been hanging out ever since. But it’s not like we’re joined at the hip. He lives in New York, and I live here, so we see each other occasionally,” she continued. Now, 24 years after their divorce, Bonnie has not remarried and is not believed to be dating anyone. The same cannot be said for Michael who found love once more and married to actress Emily Donahoe in 2011.

Does The Singer Have Children?

Although Bonnie and her ex were in love many years ago, they did not welcome any children during their relationship. In fact, the “Nick of Time” singer made it clear to Rolling Stone in 1990 that she wasn’t the biggest fan of becoming a mother. “In the middle of the Eighties, when I was in my thirties, it was out of the question, because I was so unhealthy and so miserable, and I knew I’d have to clean up before I had kids,” she shared with the outlet. “And now that I cleaned up, I feel like I’m my own kid.”

In addition, she told The New York Times in 1998 that kids were not a commitment she wanted to make. “Having children is an incredible commitment. That’s why I chose not to. I feel that my job is to mother the causes that I’m involved in. And with me, it’s already so hard to say no,” Bonnie said.

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