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Callie Haverda: 5 Things About The Actress Playing Eric & Donna’s Daughter In ‘That ’90s Show’



Callie Haverda

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Image Credit: Netflix

That ’90s Show is introducing us to a whole new generation of talent. Callie Haverda is part of the ensemble cast of the Netflix series, which premieres on January 19. The 15-year-old has a crucial role in the show that will give you all the nostalgic feelings.

The young cast members of That ’90s Show are fresh faces who have long careers ahead of them. As That ’90s Show launches, get to know Callie, the actress at the center of the series.

Callie Haverda
Callie Haverda as Leia Forman. (Netflix)

1. Callie plays Leia Forman in That ’90s Show.

Callie plays Leia, the newest member of the Forman family. She is Eric and Donna’s teen daughter who comes to stay with her grandparents, Kitty and Red, in Point Place for the summer. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Callie about taking on the role of Leia.

“It was incredibly intimidating at first, but everyone was supportive and made me feel so comfortable,” Callie told HollywoodLife during the show’s press junket. “So it quickly became very easy and just second nature. But I mean, in the beginning, with the character of Leia I didn’t want her to be a carbon copy of Eric and Donna.”

2. Her first onscreen role was in 2010.

Callie’s first role was in the 2010 short film Paper Memories. Her most recent role before That ’90s Show was in the 2020 film The Lost Husband.

3. Callie is from Texas.

The actress was raised in the Austin, Texas, area. When she got the role of Leia Forman, she moved from Texas to California to film the show, according to ATX Today.

Callie Haverda
Callie Haverda at the ‘That ’90s Show’ screening. (Netflix)

4. Callie was coming back from school when she learned she got the part.

“I was actually on the bus while my agent was trying to call me, coming back from school,” she explained to ATX Today. “I finally answered the phone while walking back to my house, and it was the first time I had ever gotten a call myself … I was walking alone, and I was like, ‘Where are my parents? I want them to hear this.’” Once her parents found out, Callie admitted that they all “just kind of fell down on the ground in our front yard, and sat there for like, an hour.”

5. Callie’s on Instagram.

Callie is currently on Instagram under the handle @calliehhaverda. Her first post was in February 2022 and featured a screenshot of the That ’90s Show casting news.

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