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Collin Gosselin Reveals He Doesn’t Talk To His Siblings & Shares Why He Hasn’t Reached Out



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Collin Gosselin has “not spoken with my siblings in probably five or six years now,” the 18-year-old son of Jon and Kate Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight in his first one-on-one interview. Collin is one of the sextuplets featured on the Jon & Kate Plus 8 series, which includes his siblings Aaden, Joel, Leah, and Alexis. After Collin got out of the institution that Kate, 47, sent him to over his alleged behavioral problems, Collin and his sister, Hannah, went to live with Jon, 45. That schism ultimately ended his relationship with his other siblings. “It’s tough,” says Collin.

Despite the years, Collin says he would “love to have a relationship” with his other siblings, including the twins Cara and Madelyn that Jon and Kate had before the sextuplets. “I would love for us to come together one day, have dinner together, talk, just have a relationship and catch up on the things that we lost, the time that we lost,” says Collin, adding that the decision to repair that fractured relationship is up to his brothers and sisters.

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“I haven’t reached out to them, they haven’t reached out to me,” Collin told ET. “I want to respect their space and their time and respect how they feel about everything, so I’m kind of just waiting for the day that they reach out. I don’t want to reach out. I don’t want to invade their space. I’d rather just let them do it on their own terms.” He added that he “love(s) my siblings” and would be “willing to put my parents aside, and I have. In my eyes, it’s me and my siblings. I love them to death.”

“I love them very much. How I see it is, without parents involved, it’s just me and them. I really hope that one day when I have kids that my kids will know their aunt and uncles,” Colling told ET. “I would just like to see all of them… I hope they’re doing well. I hope they’re living the lives that they want and that they’re happy.”

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Although Collin’s relationship with most of his siblings is nonexistent, he does say he’s still very close to his sister, Hannah. “Hannah, she’s a big part of my emotional support,” he says. “She helped me out a lot and still does to this day. [She] still does so much for me.”

The same cannot be said of his mother. After Collin’s time in the behavioral correction institution, he “didn’t have a relationship with her,” he said in the Entertainment Tonight interview “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t have a relationship. I think every son wants to have a relationship with their mom. But I’m doing very well.”

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