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Courteney Cox’s Daughter Coco, 18, Is So Grown Up At Walk Of Fame With Jennifer Aniston



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Which is more shocking: that it’s taken this long for Courteney Cox to get a star on the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame or that Scream and Friends star has an 18-year-old daughter? Courteney, 58, and David Arquette‘s child, Coco Arquette, attended the event on Feb. 27, sitting next to her godmother – and Courteney’s BFF – Jennifer Aniston, during the ceremony. When Jen, 54, seemed teary-eyed at seeing her friend get her moment in the spotlight, Coco leaned in to comfort her mother’s friend. Coco seemed to beam with pride as Jen applauded Courtney following her acceptance speech.

Courteney, Coco, and Jennifer (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

Born while Courtney and David, 51, were arguably one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, Coco grew up away from the spotlight and has become a strong young woman. She turned 18 in June 2022, and her mother celebrated the occasion with an Instagram post. “I’m so proud to be your mom,” Courteney gushed. “You are courageous, smart, deep, funny, unique, and beautiful with the biggest heart. I can’t wait to see what’s next. I love you.”

At the beginning of the year, Courteney said she “hadn’t thought about” how she might be an empty-nester when Coco goes off to college – mainly because Coco is not one to lounge around the house. “I haven’t even registered that she’s not going to be here,” Courteney told PEOPLE. “But also, she’s not here that often—let’s be clear. She is out and about. This is not a girl to sit at home, and if she is, she’s in her room, door shut.”

Courteney also said that her relationship with her mother – who passed away in December 2020 – influenced her bond with Coco. “I was really close to my mom. She was my best friend,” she said. “And I have that with Coco. She tells me everything.”

“I think she’s funny, and I love hanging out with her,” she says. “I love when she needs me. She’s fun. And you could never be mad at her, ever, for too long. Coco’s a really good apologist. I should save her texts. That girl could talk her way out of anything.”

(John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

One thing Coco didn’t want to talk her way out of was attending the Walk of Fame ceremony for her mother. “We’re very honored to be here today to speak on your behalf as your co-workers, your friends, and your family, your sisters,” Jennifer said in a joint speech with her and Courtney’s Friends costar, Lisa Kudrow (h/t Entertainment Tonight), during the ceremony. “And that’s happened since we’ve known you for a very long time.” “It’s been that way since we met almost 30 years ago,” said Lisa before Jennifer interjected, “No, not 30 years ago. That’s a typo.” From there, Jennifer said that to be friends with Courteney is “to be family with Courteney. She is responsible for all of that. From the beginning of when we met her, she was immediately inclusive, warm, loving, and interested in everything about you.”

“Courteney, we just want to say that we are deeply, deeply proud to know you. You are the definition of a truly beautiful, talented, and, what’s most important, a truly good and decent human being… Thank you for enriching our lives personally,” said Lisa, before Jennifer added, “You’re one of the funniest human beings. beings on the planet Earth. Nothing makes me happier than a Courteney joke and always makes us smile. And thank you for enriching our lives with your work. We are so proud of you.”

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