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Dafne Keen: ‘I got into acting because I was bullied a lot’



On January 4, she turned 18, but Dafne keen I didn’t plan to do anything Waitcial to celebrate, except “a quiet dinner with Madrid friends”, explains the actress with a half-smile on the other side of the Zoom. He talks about the city of eat mesister, developed between its shores and those of the Manzanares. “I was born in Chamberí, but I grew up in La Latina. This is my neighborhood of all life. Madrid seems to me to be an impressive cultural center and there is an incredible music and film industry”, she explains calmly, even if inside she is euphoric. “I have a project, I can’t talk about it, but I’m very excited, I really want to do it.” Only a few days later it will be announced that he will be one of the proprotagonists of the acolytenew universe series stars warsin which he will share the cast with Carrie-Anne Moss (matrix) and Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen and Slim). “I am super excited be part of the family stars warsI’ve been a fan of this series since I was seven years old. When I auditioned, I didn’t care who was going to be on the show, I just wanted to be on the project. The story and the characters are precious,” he said in a voice note after the announcement, respecting the secrecy surrounding the project. It will be his first adult role, having made his Hollywood debut at the age of of 12 years with Logan, one of the Marvel superheroes where he stole the screen from Hugh. Jackman— and carry the weight of black matterHBO+ fantasy series which is now ending after three seasons in which he worked alongside Lin Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson and James McAvoy.

Is it a lot of pressure to be chosen at 15 to lead a series with such a cast?
It’s scary, really, but it’s a lot of fun and they’ve been like family to me. Lin is an amazing person and I grew up a lot because of him. The whole cast made me feel very protected, but it’s true that there was a lot of pressurenope.

Why do fantasy series attract so much?
Maybe it’s a form of escapism, but at the same time, I think fantasy is a metaphor for our world. A different way of explaining what is happening.

His parents [María Fernández Ache y Will Keen] They are part of this industry, you grew up between filming and acting, did you consider doing something else?
As a child, I was obsessed with documents.animals, but I discovered that you have to study biology and for that you have to studylearn math, and I’m bad at math, no, the following. My parents were actors and I was interested in that, but I was more interested in recording animals and traveling. Cinema has always to liketadoI grew up in a very cultured household, a bit repulsive to other children. I entered the theater world because I suffered lowlots of bullying as a kid. My mom had a friend doing an announcement they needed a girl and they thought it might distract me from what she was going through at school. I made it short and had a blast. So I wanted to start doing Ouchsayings And that’s how my first series came about, which was recorded in Rascafría.

It was in 2014, Refugees [con Natalia Tena].
I told my parents it had been the best summer of my life and that I would rather do that than have a summer vacation for the rest of my life because I’ve never been happier.

In other words, interpretation was a refuge from harassment. Today, we talk a lot about raising awareness of bullyingAre we paying more attention to these issues?
I started being bullied around the age of seven and until the end of primary school. I think it’s because, first of all, I was brought up in a very strange way. We didn’t have a TV, we watched 1950s black and white movies and my parents worked in the theatre… But what they didn’t care about was my physical appearance, because the childrenwe They are so smack, they touch your nose with what they know affects you. If you go beyond bullies, they send you. It’s as simple as that, if you show them you’re weak, they go for the throat. Otherwise, they pass you by.

Dafne Keen rose to fame in 2017 with ‘Logan’, the Marvel movie starring Hugh Jackman in which she played X-23. Photo: 20THCENTFOX /Everett Collection / Cordon Press

She started working as a child and saw the rise of anti-abuse movements in her industry.
I think we still need to review more, but we have taken a big step forward. I am well aware that I have entered the best momentto being a woman in the film industry, but we still have a long way to go and things to work out.

his mother is his coachDo they talk about these issues?
My mother is an inspirationtion in my life, and it is a megafeminist. She always made me aware of gender, I go with her to 8-M… At home there was always a very active conversation about feminism, machismo, raschism, homophobia, everything. When #MeToo arrived, he explained to me the news that was coming out, I experienced it very informed.

Do you think this change in the industry has helped you step into different, less sexualized roles?
Yes, there was a big difference. But I think when I will notice it the most, it will be now. It’s much easier to find someoneJesus that they are not sexualized until you reach the age at which you are considered a woman. The auditions they’re starting to send me now are already very different, a lot of roles under what’s called in feminism Male glance [mirada masculina]. Yes, it is true that there has been great progress, but there is still a long way to go.

Keen with Amir Wilson on the set of the final season of ‘The Dark Materials’. Photo: Simon Ridgway/HBO

Her father was the Queen’s Secretary in the Crown, were there many conversations in your house when Elizabeth II died?
Yes, my parents are very political people and we had a lot convertresorts on the subject when the queen died.

His great-grandfather was a count, could he have inherited a title?
My great-grandfather disinherited my grandmother, there is no connection with this part of the family. But if he hadn’t been disinherited, all the same.

Would you like to try Spanish cinema?
I would like. I saw recently alcarras, which is harsh. it means a lot to mecha angry, because as I have always worked abroad, in Spain, they do not know that I am Spanish and they do not send me to auditions here.

She was a mutant, an adventurer… What kind of characters would you like to play now?
I really want to see what the future holds for me, see what roles I can play that aren’t wild girls, because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life.

*Style: Emily Tighe.
Makeup and hair: Kate Rawsthorne.

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