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Daisy Edgar-Jones: the unusual story of the “normal girl” who went to bed anonymous and woke up famous | Celebrities | S Mode THE COUNTRY



It’s often said that someone became famous “overnight”, but that rarely means anything literally. It happened to Daisy Edgar-Jones like this. One Sunday in April 2020, in the third or fourth week of confinement and while everyone was still in shock, at six o’clock in the morning, the BBC uploaded the 12 episodes of normal people. Its protagonist, who played the role of damaged Marianne, saw it in full with her housemates in London where she spent her quarantine. There was no premiere, no red carpet. Her friends made her a homemade placard to celebrate the occasion. The actress fell asleep and when she woke up and saw her cell phone full of messages, she realized she was on her way to becoming a meme, a fringe that people take to hairdressers, a person around whom finance big-budget TV movies. and “a full name,” as she herself points out. “Suddenly you’re not Daisy anymore, you’re Daisy Edgar-Jones.”

Daisy Edgar-Jones wears a GUCCI dress. Photo: Anya Holdstock

Daisy Edgar-Jones in a KHAITE dress, WOLFORD stockings and ERES bra. Photo: Anya Holdstock

“They told us the show was an amazing hit, but I was still locked in my room. I had read a few articles and watched the memes, but that was a bit too much to process, so I shielded myself. If he wanted to, he could log off. And it made me think how amazing everything that was happening to me was. We made this show with so much love… It was the most wonderful experience “, he says. Although they have barely been able to see each other, she remains friends with her co-stars, including her co-star, Paul Mescal. He had already been cast to play Connell when she, who was 21 and had played small roles in a few series, did what is called a “chemistry test”, in which one tests two characters how believable they are as lovers (or at least how much they can share a plane What the directors must have seen was a taste of those intimate scenes that Guardian defined as “noticeably excited” and which has generated so many conversations. Among them, the actress says only that viewers “detected the love and the brutality of this relationship. First love is a universal experience that can be exciting but also painful.”

The actress wears a LOEWE dress and KALDA shoes. Photo: Anya Holdstock

Daisy Edgar-Jones wears a STELLA MCCARTNEY jumpsuit. Photo: Anya Holdstock

After normal peoplethe actress, who grew up in the affluent north London suburb – it was her Scottish TV executive father who presented Big brother in Britain, and her Northern Irish mother is a film editor – she received many more scripts which were love stories and another which asked her to play a shy Irish student again, but she turned installed as different as possible. He chose Costsa Thriller in French twisted infused with dark humor that allowed him to show off his sense of comedy. rolled the series by order of heaven, a dark drama in which she plays a Mormon girl and in which she deserves to share the main credit with Andrew Garfield. And finally, she took on one of those roles that make top-paid actresses and their contending agents uncomfortable, that of Kya in the wild girl.

The actress poses with a ‘total look’ by MIU MIU. Photo: Anya Holdstock

Daisy Edgar-Jones, with two layered dresses from FENDI. Photo: Anya Holdstock

The film, which premieres September 30, adapts the Bestseller by Delia Owens of the same title: the story of a poor girl who grew up alone in the swamps of North Carolina in the 1950s and 1960s (resulting in a series of outfits frankly ambitious in the film), communing with nature and being framed for murder. Produced the film Reese Witherspoon, which has already offered the adaptation of Savage, by Cheryl Strayed, and which specializes in bringing to the cinema the stories of resilient women. For Edgar-Jones, it’s the first time he’s carried the weight of an entire film – “in the call sheetwe usually say to ourselves, the first name that appears on the paper in which the whole team is summoned to the shoot, the highest position in the hierarchy—and, what is most important to her: that she will be able to to be seen in a cinema. “I love the idea of ​​being able to leave the house, go to a movie theater, buy some popcorn and see something that I’ve been working on with some amazing people. Now what happens with film n It’s no longer in my hands alone, but when I was filming sometimes I was like, “Oh my God, I’ve never been in something this big.” So many cameras, so many cranes!

Daisy Edgar-Jones in a HALPERN STUDIO dress. Photo: Anya Holdstock

The actress is wearing a MAX MARA sweater, WOLFORD tights and ERES panties. Photo: Anya Holdstock

At the moment, critics agree to highlight the work of the Briton, who has managed to make himself a credible southern accent. “I love this part of the job. I practiced with a coach for months because the accent was very defined and says a lot about Kya. She is brave and tough, but also kind and gentle. It was important that it go well.” After two frantic years of filming around the world, in 2022 he was able to spend a few months again with his parents and meet up with friends. Did you see yourself sleeping in your room at adolescence, with your 15-year-old posters? “Well, it doesn’t look the same anymore and I wasn’t really a poster man. If they had, they would surely be typical of Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann and something from Coldplay”. He also had time to buy his first house in London. She is unlikely to share an apartment again, like when they called her Daisy to dry.

Styling: Sophie Van Der Welle