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Daniel Stern’s Kids: Everything to Know About the ‘Home Alone’ Star’s 3 Children



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Image Credit: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

  • Daniel Stern is best known as a bumbling burglar from the 1990 Christmas classic ‘Home Alone.’
  • He has three grown children.
  • Daniel is married to Laure Mattos.

It’s been over three decades since Daniel Stern, 65, played Marv alongside fellow holiday “wet bandit” Harry (Joe Pesci) in beloved Christmas slapstick comedy Home Alone. In the interim, the well-known character actor has fully raised a family of three kids (one son and two daughters) and enjoyed a long-term marriage to his wife. Laure Mattos Sternwhom he married in 1980.

Everett Collection
Daniel Stern as Marv in ‘Home Alone’ (Everett Collection)

Of course, the Macaulay Culkin- led hit made Daniel a legitimate star and solidified his spot in the pantheon of American Christmas classics that families continue to enjoy each and every year. So now, 32 years after Marv faced off against Kevin McAllister for the very first time, we’re taking a look at the real life kids the actor calls his own.

Henry Stern

Henry Stern
Henry Stern (Rich Pedroncelli/AP/Shutterstock)

After marrying Laure in 1980, the actor couple welcomed their eldest son Henry Sternnow 40, in 1982. Henry, a Democrat, has notably been a California State Senator since 2016, and his proud dad has backed him up via Instagram. “Friends! My son @HenrySternCA is running for LA County Supervisor,” the actor wrote alongside a video on the platform back in May. “He’s got this, but I couldn’t help chime in with some catchy slogans. He does not seem overly impressed so if you have any better ones, please comment. Henry’s an environmental attorney, and is currently the State Senator for the San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley. But since LA supervisors oversee so many huge issues, from homelessness to health care, from jails to wildfire and environmental protection, if you are on the westside of LA, the Samo Mtns or the Valley, you’ll be able to vote for him. “

Daniel and Henry Stern
Daniel and Henry Stern (Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

While Henry isn’t known primarily for acting, he does have a heartwarming connection to his father’s career. Daniel was the voice of the adult Kevin Arnold on TV’s The Wonder Years. In the series finale in 1993, he provided the voiceover line “Hey Dad, wanna play catch?” after which his father (Daniel) responded via voiceover, “I’ll be right there.”

Sophie Stern

Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern (Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)

The family’s second child (and first daughter) Sophie Stern joined the family in 1986. Little is known about the Stern sisters, but Daniel may have given a clue as to why his children don’t have careers on the screen. “It’s tough being in the center of the storm as a kid actor, ” he said The News84Media in 2015 about working with Macaulay and Fred Savage. “It’s a dangerous, dangerous world for children.” He went on, adding that Macaulay went through a “grinder” as a youth.

“Fred didn’t go through the publicity grinder that Mac went through,” he said. “Somehow Fred’s career felt more protected. Fred as a child felt more protected than that. That’s the danger of children in show business. If they’re successful, it can go crazy like that, and if they’re not successful, it can really hurt their little egos.”

Ella Stern

Born in 1989, Ella Marie Stern is the youngest child of Daniel and CHUD actress Laure. While little is known about Ella, it’s worth noting that she was born just a year ahead of her father’s big breakout in Home Alone alongside legends Catherine O’Hara, Joe Pesci, and Macaulay Culkin, among others. Ella was just over a year old when the movie premiered.

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