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Daughter of dancers, 1m90 and Dior ambassador: meet Elizabeth Debicki, the new Lady Di of ‘The Crown’



In the fifth season of The crown sometimes it’s hard not to believe that the one appearing on screen is the real Lady Di. Responsible for this optical game is Elizabeth Debicki, the new sensation of the Netflix series about the British monarchy. The 32-year-old Australian plays Diana of Wales in her later years and succeeds Briton Emma Corrin in the role, who went from almost unknown actress to dominating covers. Debicki’s case is different: she had already filmed with famous directors like Baz Luhrmann (The great Gastby, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan), Christopher Nolan (Principle, with Robert Pattinson) or Steve McQueen (in widows, where he worked with Viola Davids and Michelle Rodriguez) and was even part of the Marvel universe (within the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy 2). But, despite her rising acting career, Debicki has always zealously guarded her privacy and now, as the “people’s princess” she brings to life, she faces The crown, to media exposure.

“I have always been a reserved person. I feel like what I want the world to know is my job and I’ve always believed that me and my job are two different things. I think people, with social networks, can blur [esa barrera] very good, and I respect it, but it’s not who I am, I just want the work to speak for me and for people to receive it without anything getting in the way”, he explained in 2018 in a interview published in the Australian edition of vogue coinciding with the premiere of A masterpiece, film in which he worked with Mick Jagger. The brushstrokes that she herself made known transcended her private life: she was born in Paris in 1990, but when she was only five years old, her parents moved to Melbourne (Australia), where she grew up in a shocking “European” environment. .. with that of other children of his age. Her mum and dad were both dancers (he was of Polish descent and she was Australian of Irish descent) and she would have liked to study history, but theater crossed her path and she trained at Victorian College. of the Arts.


Elizabeth Debicki, in the role of Lady Di in the series, with the fictional interpretation of the famous “dress of revenge”. Picture: Netflix

In 2011, just after graduating, Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet) became interested in it and two years later he took part in its adaptation of The great Gastby, a great production with a cast full of Hollywood stars. Debicki played the valves Jordan Baker in a black wig with a twenties-style haircut and grabbed attention with her presence: the actress is 1.90, a height she admitted has never stood her in problem. In fact, in The crown We appreciate that she is taller than Dominik West, an actor in charge of interpreting her husband, the Prince of Wales (now King Carlos III), who measures 1.83. After debuting with Luhrmann in 2013, plans are scrambling for the Aussie, but she’s preferred to stay oblivious to fame for now: she lives in London although she considers herself a “nomad”, the only networks socials bearing his name are created by his supporters and lavish few public events.

As an exception to her low profile, her relationship with the fashion world can be highlighted. At the end of last year WWD released the exclusive that the actress has become ambassador by Dior Jewelry. His relationship with the lodge She is very skimpy, has attended fashion shows invited by the artistic director of the firm, Maria Grazia Chiuri, and often wears her models on the red carpet. Indeed, when presenting The crown in London on November 8, she posed in a black Dior dress that 300 hours to be made and full of nods to Lady Di: on the one hand, it recalled the famous “revenge dress” designed by Christina Stambolian that the Princess of Wales wore in 1994, when her husband’s infidelity was made public, and on the other hand inspired by the sky blue evening dress designed by Catherine Walker that Diana wore at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987.

elisabeth debicki

Elizabeth Debicki, with the Dior dress inspired by Lady Di’s iconic “looks”. Photo: Getty Images

In the new season of The crown the dressing room once again has a central role. And one of the absolute protagonists, due to the symbolism it had at the time, is the famous “revenge dress” that the princess wore to dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in London the same evening that a television interview was broadcast in which her husband admitted his infidelity. “The ‘revenge dress’ was a lot of pressure,” Debicki admitted in a recent interview to the UK edition of vogue, that he chose it as the image for one of his December covers, dedicated to the most striking female faces of current fiction. “It’s a complex dress. I let the trials roll around me as I pondered what this dress meant. Why this dress? [Lady Di] He’d had it in his closet for two or three years, he was super daring back then. She demanded attention. His way of getting out of the car, his luminosity. It was something extraordinary to see. Deciding what to say about yourself through fashion,” testified the actress.

Five years ago, when she auditioned for a role in the second season of The crown that in the end they did not give it to her, the Australian did not think she would end up being one of the protagonists of the series. Now that he has become the center of attention, he avoids controversy (Netflix added a clarification that the series is a “fictional dramatization” after the reviews figures such as Judi Dench and John Major) and points out that for her, it’s just another role. “It’s clearly fiction. I feel like the audience knows that, because there are actors playing their roles. I’ve never seen The crown thinking it’s a documentary or is it real”, he assured in an interview published on the occasion of the premiere in Guardian.

elisabeth debicki

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Elizabeth Debicki at the Dior Spring 2022 show, and Debicki with Mick Jagger at the 2019 Venice Film Festival ‘A Masterpiece’ presentation. Photo: Getty Images

For Andrew Morton, biographer of Diana of Wales and author of Diana: her true story, theDebicki’s performance is “disturbing”. Assure the writer of The daily beast that seeing her on screen was “like being back in the room with her 30 years ago”. It remains to be seen how the actress will face this new stage of her career and if she will be able to continue to protect her privacy (in 2016, when she was working on the series Infiltration with Tom Hiddleston, there were rumors that they were in a relationship, which have not been confirmed). What is clear is that she does not want to be pigeonholed as the new Lady Di: she has already recorded and the third episode of guardians of the galaxy alongside Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana and it has been announced that he will star with Ralph Fiennes Farnsworth House. In this film, in the wake of The crown, will embody another real character, Edith Farnsworth, the wealthy doctor who commissioned architect Mies van der Rohe in 1945 to build the groundbreaking glass house that bears her family name.

elisabeth debicki

The whole family of Diana of Wales in the fifth season of “The Crown”. Picture: Netflix

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