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Elle Macpherson shares daily life with what is still ‘The Body’ at 58



Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson admits she’s at her peak at 58. A statement that is confirmed with a video on Instagram in which she appears with a micro bikini, posing for the Australian health and well-being magazine. body and soul. The model, known as ‘The body’, shared with her followers A meeting with the publication in which he describes his daily life, in which there is no shortage of products from his line dedicated to well-being WelleCo.

The philosophy of Macpherson, whose face appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Time, Vogue or Elle on countless occasions since the start of her career in the 1980s, “approaches beauty with the understanding that beauty and health are primarily based on energy”. This is the principle that guides all the self-care actions he carries out on a daily basis, he defends. As he explains in the interview, his routine is centered on movement and eating well, always in close connection with nature and following the solar schedule: “I like to start the day as I like it takes place. I usually wake up with the sun and the first thing I do is hydrate with water and lime.” Then she goes out to “get her feet on the ground” and do a little yoga or a four-minute exercise circuit to “boost nitric oxide”. And finally? “I go in the cold water of the swimming pool and then I drink a cup of matcha sitting in the sun.”

The model also shared with the publication Then she makes a Super Elixir drink, one of the supplements she sells under her WelleCo brand (you can buy online for 68.99 dollars, or about 65 euros) as well as several vitamin capsules also from his company. “Helps my sense of vitality, boosts immune system, supports digestive system, gives skin a healthy glow.” It is a very common formula among celebrities, handing out their “beauty secrets” among which the signature of their property always appears, which in Macpherson’s case focuses on superfoods and nutritional supplements.

“I rely heavily on my daily wellness protocol to look my best,” says the 183cm model, who supplements with a plant-based diet and organic foods from local farms. One of her favorite recipes is miso soup with mushrooms and Japanese sweet potatoes, a stew she learned from a doctor of holistic medicine. Sara Siso.

When it comes to body treatments, the model favors those that focus on “energy healing,” explaining that she “regularly makes appointments for acupuncture, chiropractic, and breath work.” He also does a lot of meditations and meditative practices. mindfulness: “I take care of my body, my soul and my spirit every day, with breathing exercises and meditation. My daily practice is a 25-minute meditation in the morning.” Although her goal is to apply these practices in her daily life in a general way and not just “at specific times”, such as the Publish from Instagram.

When it comes to exercise, the model is a little less strict, but it’s still important to be outside. “I like to be connected to nature. I choose to do activities where I am outside, as close to nature as possible, hiking, biking, swimming, or just sitting in the fresh air. I don’t have a fixed schedule, I go according to how I feel, but I go”.

To close the day there is also a protocol. “I like to slow down at night as much as I like to start in the morning. At the end of the day, I like to relax in my infrared sauna and then dive into the cool water of the pool. I finish with a cup of Sleep Welle Calming Tea [otro de sus productos de WelleCo]”. And he never forgets to end as he began: “I smile, place my hands on the solar plexus chakra. [que se cuenta en la parte superior del abdomen y está asociado con el sistema digestivo y metabólico]I think about the things I’m grateful for that happened that day and fall asleep peacefully.”

As for his health icons, the runway star names an internal medicine doctor Zack Bush. Bush founded several projects such as Farmer’s Footprint, a coalition to help farmers fight the use of chemicals in food production. He argues that “optimal health and longevity begins with striving toward a collective consciousness that will allow us to thrive with nature.” By putting his connection to nature front and center, it seems like Macpherson is doing something right.

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