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Elvis Presley & Family: Photos Of The Rocker, Ex-Wife Priscilla, Daughter Lisa Marie & Grandkids



Elvis Presley was an undeniable icon in his day, and it’s no secret he made the ladies go wild. And while women around the world wanted to kiss The King, Elvis only really had eyes for his wife Priscilla Presleynée Beaulieu.

Elvis was 25 when he met a then 14-year-old Priscilla while stationed in Germany with the US Army. They were inseparable until his tour ended in 1960. Although the couple did not see each other for two years, the rocker was able to convince her parents to let her move to Memphis to be with him in 1963. Not long after she began living with him at Graceland.

Elvis and Lisa Marie were engaged on Christmas Eve, 1966 and married in Las Vegas the following May, as seen in photos here. The couple welcomed Elvis’ only child, Lisa Marie, in 1968. While they were the image of an ideal couple in public, the relationship began to unravel in the early 70s amid mutual infidelity. They divorced in 1973 and while Elvis dated until his 1977 death, he never. remarried

Although Lisa Marie was only 9 when her father died, his legacy lives on with the singer-songwriter. Lisa Marie raised Elvis grandchildren, actress Riley Keoghlate son Benjamin Keoughwho passed away in 2020, and twins Finley and Harper Lockwood.

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