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‘Emily In Paris’ Cast Teases Season 3 Spoilers: An ‘Unexpected Relationship’ & More (Exclusive)



Emily In Paris

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Image Credit: Netflix

Merci beaucoup, Netflix. Emily In Paris season 3 has arrived just before Christmas, and it’s going to be the most game-changing season yet. Ahead of the season 3 premiere. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with cast members about what to expect, and you better gird your loins.

Emily In Paris
The ‘Emily In Paris’ cast at the Empire State Building for the Shop The Scenes event. (Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)

Samuel Arnold, aka Julien, revealed that fans will see his character in a “totally different light” in season 3. “When we first met Julien in season 1, he was like, kind of a comedic relief, a support, and an ally for Emily. . There was a bit of rivalry there but nothing serious,” Samuel told HollywoodLife at the Empire State Building for the Shop The Scenes event. “In this new season, we’re going to see him in a totally different light. I’m really looking forward for the audience to see him standing up for himself and becoming something of a different animal this season.”

William Abadie noted that Antoine starts off season 3 “stuck between Savoir and Sylvie. Knowing Antoine, he will try to work the field and try to get a good deal out of that. He’s going to bring in a new team member on the Maison Lavaux company who’s going to help him build up the business a little bit. We’re going to see more of his professional world, his home away from home world. We’re going to take a little vacation in the south. We’re going to be dealing with averting Maison Lavaux catastrophes. Lots of fun.”

Emily In Paris
Luc, Julien, and Sylvie in season 3. (Netflix)

Bruno Gouery rejoiced over getting to dive deeper into Luc’s backstory in season 3. “Luc was the colleague on the first season, maybe a little brother in the second season. Finally, we will discover his private life,” Bruno told HollywoodLife. “So many surprises, but you’re going to discover where Luc lives, his past life with his girlfriend.”

Emily In Paris is also welcoming a very handsome newcomer: Paul Forman. “Nicolas is a new character. He’s one of the sons of a very powerful family in fashion. All I’ll say is, although Emily’s quite keen to work with him, it’s actually a different, unexpected relationship that brings them together,” Paul teased.

Paul Forman
Paul Forman as Nicolas. (Netflix)

Joining the cast of Emily In Paris has been a wonderful experience for Paul. “I can genuinely say they were the most welcoming, and I was so impressed,” Paul said. “I’m so touched by how they welcomed me with open arms, and I really feel like I created a little family here and relationships I’ll keep for life. So I’m really grateful for that. It’s been special.”

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