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Farmani Naaz’s Song “Har Har Shambhu” Has Been Removed From YouTube, Copyright Issue Has Come To The Fore



The video of this song by Farmani Naaz, who won everyone over while singing the song Har Har Shambhu, has been removed from YouTube. Let us tell you that when Farmani sang this song, many supported him, while some trolled him. However, in the meantime, his song was going very viral. But now there is bad news for Farmani and her fans. In fact, Farmani’s song was removed from YouTube. Knowing the reason behind this, his fans will be disappointed. On the other hand, Farmani may face more trolling now.

why the song was deleted

In fact, the reason for removing this song is that this song was copied and no credit was given to the real singers and creators. YouTube removed it after protesting the copyright of the song’s author, Jitu Sharma.

Jeetu Sharma says he wrote the lyrics for this song. Jeetu said in an interview that he has no problem with Farmani Naaz’s song “Har Har Shambhu”, but he should get credit for this song because he worked hard to write this song. He also stated that the original copy rights to this song are with him.

Who is Farmani Naaz

In 2017 Farmani Naaz got married and after 1 year they had a son. The child’s condition was not good, but Farmani’s in-laws had refused to pay for the treatment. Farmani then returned to her maternal home. There she lived with the child. Fatima said that once a village boy heard her song, then offered her a song and posted it on YouTube.

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Farmani Naaz gained great popularity and later participated in Indian Idol 12. The judge also liked Farmani’s singing. However, after her son’s health deteriorated, Farmani had to leave again. After that, she started caring for her child.