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‘Glee’ Stars: Where Are They Now? Catch Up With The Cast 8 Years After The End Of The Show



Lea Michele shot to superstardom with Glee, Taking the lead role as the high school vocal diva, Rachel Berry. Rachel was one of the six founding members of the William McKinley High Glee Club, where she made life long friends and fell in love with quarterback, Finn Hudson. Over the course of the shows six seasons, Lea’s character took center stage frequently, typically to belt out iconic showtunes, Barbra Streisand ballads, and Broadway classics. While the show was on air, she dated co-star Cory Monteith, who sadly died before the fifth season premiered.

Today, Lea Michele is living a life her character Rachel would have surely dreamed about. She has put out four studio albums, had countless movie roles, and even starred in Funny Girl on Broadway, just like her hero Babs. She married Zandy Reich in 2019 and the pair welcomed a son in Aug. 2020.

While Glee gave Lea everything she wanted and more, the star faced accusations of bullying long after the show ended. In June 2020, Lea was put on blast after her Glee co-star Samantha Marie Ware accused her of racist behavior during her time on the show’s set. Other bullying accounts followed, prompting Lea to share an apology. Although she denied judging others by “their background or color of their skin,” she said the accusations made her reflect on how her “own behavior towards fellow cast members was perceived by them.”

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