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‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Jaicy Elliott Teases Taryn’s ‘Important Story’ After The Residency Shutdown (Exclusive)



Jacie Elliott

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Image Credit: ABC

Dr. Taryn Helm was one of the doctors who was forced to leave Gray Sloan when the surgical residency program was shut down. At the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy season 19, we learned that Taryn has since gotten a job at the Emerald City Bar, where she’s actually making more money than she did when she was a resident. Richard tried to convince her to come back to the hospital, but she rejected his offer.HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jacie Elliott about whether or not Taryn does miss the hospital.

“It’s been a hard transition for Taryn. However, what they’re saying with Taryn being in the bar and talking to Richard and mentioning how little she used to make compared to a bartender, it’s an important story that I think we need to hear,” Jaicy said. “The point needs to be made that, especially at times like what we went through with the pandemic, we realize how crucial it is to have healers in our society and how they should be valued much more than what they are. I’m excited to talk about that and raise awareness around that.”

Jacie Elliott
Jaicy Elliot as Dr. Taryn Helm. (ABC)

Jaicy revealed that we will be seeing Taryn again in season 19. Fans are hoping that Taryn will eventually join Schmitt back at the hospital. Schmitt has been swallowed with work as the only senior resident.

“I think Schmitt and Taryn are each other’s chosen family. Taryn is going to be part of that no matter what happens,” Jaicy continued. “Levi’s definitely having a rough time, but I think if anything, it’s making him into the doctor that he deserves to be before he lost his patient and lost all his confidence with it. Taryn will be there to be his support through it. I can’t tell you much more, but I can tell you that it’s a very exciting season, and working with the new interns has been such a fun time. It’s brought new life and joy to the show. I hope everybody can enjoy it as much as we have.”

Jaicy admitted that she did not know “what was going to happen” regarding her future on the show when the residency program was shut down. “We didn’t really know if we were even going to come back,” she said.

Jacie Elliott
Jaicy Elliot at the 400th episode celebration. (ABC)

The residency program has been reinstated, with 5 new interns joining the staff at Gray Sloan. Jaicy told HollywoodLife that these new interns are “rekindling the life of Gray Sloan. I think it felt like we were giving a second chance through the new batch of young, messy interns that we would get to play with. It’s like getting a new set of puppies at home.” Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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