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Hottest Celebrity Pics This Week Of Oct. 31-Nov. 06: Travis Scott & More



Travis Scott gives the crowd Goosebumps for Halloween at E11EVEN Miami on Saturday, October 29

On Saturday night, October 29, 2022, Travis Scott performed at ultraclub E11EVEN Miami for its epic Halloween Odyssey weekend. Arriving at 3:45 am, Travis was joined by Future, who sat at his table while he performed. Upon arrival, Travis darted to the DJ Booth to meet DJ Chase B for what would be an epic performance at the nightclub. When Travis arrived, he joined DJ Chase B in the DJ booth, and then, the place went nuts as Travis stood on top of the booth to perform. Travis embraced Halloween weekend with high energy, hyping up the crowd as he kicked off his performance. Travis said to the crowd, “If there isn’t alcohol in your section, I don’t know what your problem is,” before going into his hit, ‘Highest in the Room’. Throughout the performance, he kept taking shots of Don Julio 1942 straight from the bottle, urging the crowd to take shots with him.

Towards the end of his performance, he cut the music off, said his friend was celebrating their birthday, and asked everyone to sing happy birthday, the crowd happily obliged.

To close out his performance, he asked the club to bring down all the lights. He wanted it “dark and spooky in the spirit of Halloween.” He joked that he was “taking ownership of the club for his next hit, and he may even need to call the club twelve” as everyone got hyped from what was coming, the beat for ‘Goosebumps’ came on, and the entire place went wild. Travis finished his performance at 4:30 am.

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