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How Olivia Wilde Met Jason Sudeikis (And Why She Shouldn’t Have Made It Clear She Wasn’t Cheating To Harry Styles) | Celebrities | S Mode THE COUNTRY



Although the motorcade is surely inside, Olivia Wilde’s willpower is admirable when it comes to continuing to promote and defend her film amid a media storm that keeps forcing her to talk about her personal relationships and those of his team.

In an interview a few days ago at the review vanity loungethe actress and director once again made it clear, “No online bullying campaign will make me question my faith in a film created by a wonderful group of brilliant people. We’ve worked too hard and been through too much. of things together to be derailed now by something that really has nothing to do with cinema.”

But the truth is that in this long interview he also had the time and the desire to talk about his breakup with Sudeikis. Wilde has once again forcefully denied rumors that her current relationship with singer Harry Styles, the male lead of the film, would have started before breaking up with the father of her children. “The bullshit rumors that I left Jason for Harry are completely untrue,” he said. Vanity with a tone that denotes how excited she is to talk about it. “We had long since broken up when I met Harry,” she said.

“Like any relationship that ends, it didn’t happen overnight,” the actress and director continued. “Unfortunately, Jason and I have been on a very bumpy road and we officially disbanded the relationship at the start of the pandemic.”

The couple, who never married, decided to separate, according to Wilde, when living together began not to benefit their children. It was the end of a union that had begun many years before, in 2011, during an end-of-season evening of Saturday Night Livethe television show in which the comedian was working at the time.

It’s kind of uncomfortable, like searching through the memories of someone who’s gone, re-watching from the present the stories Wilde and Sudeikis made of when they met. She was drawn to the way he danced and he was a bit distant. At one point during the party, they exchanged a few words: “Whatever you’re looking for, you don’t need it,” he told her, which is a bit cryptic. Perhaps the actor was reading a Zen-themed book at the time, but that information was never revealed. They didn’t have much contact that day. He plunged back into the party and she went home without even giving him her number.

It is striking that the history of the relationship can be followed practically through the interviews that Wilde has given over the years to different media. The Sudeikis have never given so much on the subject or, perhaps, it is that they did not ask him.

During the months that followed, they searched for each other without stopping to find each other. We imagine it was time to check each other’s social media and ask about each other, surely in a way not unlike the way we mortals do. About six months after that first meeting in New York, a mutual friend, inspired by Olivia, handed Jason his phone and said, “Use it.”

To her great surprise, he let another month pass before deciding to write to her, something to which the New York actress was definitely not very accustomed. In an interview with Stephen Colbert in 2017, Sudeikis apologized saying he thought she was seeing someone else and didn’t want to bother her, he was also very busy and when he stopped being busy, he decided to contact her.

This attitude of Jason ended up creating a lot of insecurities for Olivia, who during these months built an image of Sudeikis as someone inaccessible, beautiful, extremely intelligent… It even made her doubt, according to what she said herself, that he was physically attracted to her. Looking back, his attitude could almost fit one of those “5 signs he might not be your good man” articles.

Eventually they were and the thing went like silk. They were talking in a restaurant in New York until dawn, although that night they did not kiss. They didn’t until the fourth date. He was a bit aloof, never flirty, “but sincere and good,” Wilde recalls. in an interview with Marie Claire. Gradually the relationship evolved and in another interview in October 2012 in USA todayWilde revealed that they live together.

Wilde is also the one who recounted Sudeikis’ proposal in January 2013, which gave her a huge 1920s ring, and the one who expressed her desire to be a mother, both in Marie Claire in April of the same year.

The actress fulfilled her desire to have children in 2014, when Otis Alexander Sudeikis was born, but time passed and wedding plans were delayed. The reasons for these delays were never quite clear, perhaps the apparent perfection of the relationship was not such. We will never know. The fact is that in the interviews the actress continued to give, she said that there was no rush, that having a child was a much bigger commitment than going through the altar. It sounded like an excuse. “I don’t feel any pressure to do it, but I think it would be fun.” he said Charm in 2014.

In 2016, things stayed more or less the same: “We are very connected. Before having a child, you think marriage is the most important commitment. Once you have it, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re engaged enough and close enough already.’ Wilde continued to justify the delay of his marriage, this time in Net to wear, but, while his arguments were reasonable enough, something smacks of monkey about it. Especially considering the silences of his companion.

“I despair of having more children,” Olivia told a reporter from People in April 2016. That same month, she announced her pregnancy which, nine months later, would deliver daughter Daisy Josephine.

In 2017, and although they had not yet formalized their relationship, it was clear that the two actors were a family. Two Instagram posts announced it to the four winds. One is still available and it’s a picture of Elvis, the puppy they adopted. The other was deleted a long time ago, but surviving screenshots of it show the couple cuddled up and a text in which the actress confesses that six years later she’s still “stuck” for her eternal fiancé.

After a long silence on the relationship, during which she made the leap to directing with her first film, super nerd (2019); in the November 2020 magazine People released the news of the couple’s split after almost eight years together.

Finally, one of the film industry’s longest commitments will never be fulfilled. However, the couple seemed to have made the decision on good terms and while she was filming don’t worry darlingThe Sudeikis frequently appeared on set with the couple’s children.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Harry Styles was taking its first steps. In January 2021, although neither of them spoke about their romance, it became evident when they were caught together by the press on several occasions, even holding hands.

In these first months of 2021 and despite the fact that he was seen in London with model Keeley Hazell, Sudeikis was publicly in a bit of a bad mood. People explained that the actor was “absolutely devastated” by the breakup and that he acted out his sadness a bit himself by winning the Golden Globe for best comedy series for ted lasso from home in a hoodie. Almost like a kind of Hollywood transposition of the famous moment of Chenoa and his gray tracksuit.

Jason Sudeikis when he won the Golden Globe.

In July 2021, Sudeikis gave an interview to GQ in which, in some of his statements, the hand of a professional psychologist was clearly transparent. He claimed that every day he learned a little more from his breakup with Wilde, that the breakup had made him a better person. An attitude that certainly did not foreshadow the next news that reached us about this story.

It wasn’t until April of this year when, in the middle of the presentation of his new film, on stage at the CinemaCon convention, in front of hundreds of representatives from American cinemas, a woman handed Wilde an envelope. She opened it right there joking about the possibility of it being a good script. After going through its contents, he simply said, “Okay, thank you” and carried on with his speech as if nothing had happened.

Olivia Wilde reading her children’s custody documents in front of hundreds of people in Las Vegas. Photo: Getty

The world soon discovered that this envelope contained custody papers for their children that needed to be hand-delivered to the actress. This cruel and outlandish way of doing it infuriated her, despite the fact that Sudeikis denied any knowledge that the notification was going to be made in this way. Something quite unlikely.

In an interview Wilde gave just a few weeks ago, in August of this year, toVariety, the actress declared, to settle the question, that the fact had not surprised her. “I mean, there’s a reason I ended that relationship,” he said.

“It was difficult to do all of this with a smile,” Wilde said at the press conference in Venice after the premiere of don’t worry darling. The director, who, as we have seen, has always been a sort of spokesperson for their relationship, is now also the one who bears much of the responsibility for the separation.

She was asked to explain her breakup, the reason for her new relationship and she was cruelly insulted on the internet saying she is a bad mother, despite living with Sudeikis for months for months. confinement when they were no longer together. Everything for the well-being of their children.

Meanwhile, it’s striking how no one holds responsible Sudeikis, who just a few days ago, ironically, thanked the Emmy for Best Comedy Series for ted lasso with a discourse on good and evil, on truth and lies.