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Jennifer Aniston Hangs Off The Side Of The Eiffel Tower In ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Trailer: Watch



Nick and Audrey Spitz’s lives have settled down since they last solved a murder mystery, but everything changes when the Maharajah gives them a call in the brand-new Murder Mystery 2 trailer, which Netflix dropped on January 30. The Maharajah is getting married and wants the Spitzs to come to celebrate on his new private island.

Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in ‘Murder Mystery 2.’ (Netflix)

Audrey is understandably a little worried about going on this trip considering what happened the last time they went on a getaway. “Yeah, some people died,” Nick says. Audrey corrects him, “Not some. A lot of people.”

The couple heads to the private island for the nuptials anyway, and things quickly take a turn. The Maharajah is kidnapped during the wedding. Nick watches in horror as the Maharajah is taken away and automatically assumes everyone is suspect. Nick and Audrey have to deliver $50 million to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or the Maharajah dies.

Nick and Audrey’s latest journey isn’t a cakewalk, to say the least. When Nick and Audrey come face-to-face with the kidnappers in Paris, Audrey accidentally kills the driver with an axe. At one point, Audrey is seen dangling off the side of the Eiffel Tower. “This is not what I planned!” Audrey yells at Nick. While holding onto a wire, Audrey is catapulted up the Parisian landmark.

Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on the case in Paris for ‘Murder Mystery 2’ (Netflix)

This is the high-stakes case that gives Nick and Audrey all they’ve ever wanted: a shot at their detective agency finally becoming successful…and their long-awaited trip to Paris. But will they be able to solve the case before it’s too late?

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back as Nick and Audrey Spitz. The movie also stars Mark Strong, Melanie Laurent, Jodie Turner-Smith, John Kani, Kuhoo Verma, Enrique Arce, Zurin Villanueva, Tony Goldwyn, Annie Mumolowith Danny Boone and Adeel Akhtar. Murder Mystery 2 will begin streaming on Netflix on March 31.

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