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Jennifer Colidge makes her TikTok debut by reciting a very special “poem” with Jennifer Lopez



Although she does not need many introductions, Jennifer Coolidge made a point of clarifying her name during her debut on the social network TikTok. “I’m Still Jenny” (“I’m still Jenny”), she says in her first video. The actress, who triumphed in 1999 with her role in the film American pie (she was the mother of Stifler, one of the protagonists, and her character was the origin of the term MILF, a mature woman who attracts young people) and now she is living a new golden age with the series The White Lotus, she is determined to take advantage of his allure. That’s why he decided to get started on the TikTok video network. And he entered through the front door reciting a song by his namesake Jennifer Lopez.

“This is my first tick tock and i would like to do something costs. I think I’m just going to recite a poem that I like,” Coolidge quipped in the video. But that poem isn’t by Walt Whitman or Anne Carson. Immediately after, the actress starts reciting, very serious and full of emotion, one of the verses of Jennifer Lopez’s 2002 hit. Jenny from the block, in a video reminiscent of those popularized by the Spanish actor during confinement Victor Clavijowho recited reggaeton songs like Gasoline (by Daddy Yankee) as if they were poems. Don’t be fooled by the rocks I have. I’m still Jenny, Jenny, Jenny from the block” (“Don’t be fooled by the pebbles I have. I’m still Jenny, Jenny, Jenny from the neighborhood”), solemnly underlines the interpreter, as if reciting verses from Shakespeare. But the video doesn’t end there: the camera rolls and a surprise guest appears, Jennifer Lopez herself, who stares at her intently and whispers, “I like this. I really like this.”

This cameo from JLo puts the finishing touches to a spectacular start to the year for Coolidge. On January 15, the 61-year-old Boston-born artist won the Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress for her iconic Tanya McQuoid in The White Lotus and a few days before, on January 11, he had also received the Golden Globe for the same character. His collaboration with Lopez is no coincidence: they worked together on An explosive marriage a comedy that also stars Josh Duhamel and Lenny Kravitz, which hits theaters on January 27. In addition, her popularity with new audiences is at its height: she is a friend of Ariana Grande (she participated in the music video for Thank you, next) and played Carey Mulligan’s mother in the award-winning film A promising young woman by Emerald Fennell.

Coolidge, who began his career in 1993 on an episode of Seinfeld, he is well aware of the ephemerality of fame in Hollywood. In her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, she made a point of reminding the people who have helped her throughout her career: “There was like five people who made me live during these 20 years with odd jobs. And Ryan Murphy, you were one of them (…) let’s see, who else was there. It was… just you, Ryan. The performer acknowledged that in her early days she had “big dreams and expectations that faded into life.” But now it seems the tables have turned, she can’t stop collecting awards (last year she also won the Emmy) and she’s determined to explore new horizons. After her debut on TikTok, it remains to be seen what new surprises the actress has in store for 2023.

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