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Jesse Lopez: 5 Things To Know About The Strategic ‘Survivor’ Season 43 Player



Jesse Lopez

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Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

  • Jesse Lopez is a contestant on ‘Survivor 43’.
  • He’s a political science Ph.D student.
  • He lives in North Carolina.

Jesse Lopez definitely has what it takes to win Survivor 43. The 31-year-old has been a strategic force all season long and recently he masterminded Noelle Lambert‘s blindside. Plus, Jesse has two Hidden Immunity Idols and is in a tight alliance with Cody Assenmacher. As we enter the endgame of this season, Jesse just has to survive a few more Tribal Councils and then he’s in the final 3, where he can plead his case to the jury to win $1 million.

So, who is Jesse Lopez? We’ve got 5 things on the Survivor 43 stars below!

Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez on ‘Survivor 43’ (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

1. Jesse lives in North Carolina.

Jesse is from Venice, California, but now he lives in Durham, North Carolina with his family. Jesse bought a house in Durham with his wife and children in July 2021. “We did a thing,” he wrote on Instagram at the time.

2. He’s a political science Ph.D student.

Going into Survivor, Jesse’s occupation was a political science Ph.D student, although he kept that a secret from his fellow castaways. Jesse told Parade magazine that he studied at Berkley before he got his Ph.D from Duke University.

3. He has a troubled past.

Jesse was in gangs growing up, and he was even sent to juvenile hall at one point. It seemed like prison was the next step for Jesse, but he miraculously turned his life around for the better. “I think that sort of journey that I’ve had, just navigating life’s challenges and finding a way to make it and come out on top, I think that’s prepared me for this game,” he told Parade.

Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez on ‘Survivor 43’ (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

4. He’s married.

Jesse is happily married to his wife, who actually gave him some advice before Survivor. “The best advice I received was from my wife, who told me just to be myself and have fun,” Jesse said.

5. He has two children.

Jesse and his wife have two young daughters. He constantly gushes over his little girls on Instagram. Jesse even received a letter from his daughters after a Reward Challenge on the show, which left him in tears. He vowed to win the show for his family.

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