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Jordan Harvey Delivers ‘Unapologetic’ & ‘Authentic’ Solo Debut EP, ‘It Is What It Is’ (Exclusive)



Jordan Harvey

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Image Credit: Catherine Powell

We love new music Fridays and this week, country artist Jordan Harveyformerly of the group King Callaway, delivered a full-blown EP for fans to enjoy! The Scotland-native opened up about the 5-song project titled It Is What It Is in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, calling them “unapologetically, authentically” himself. “My brand is honesty. I grew up in Scotland, I was introduced to country music at a super young age, and I just fell in love with it, and I think you see me just come alive with these songs,” Jordan explained. “I just want to be known as someone that creates authentic music, because that’s what I seek to do.”

Jordan Harvey’s new EP. (Courtesy of BBR Music Group)

Jordan wrote and produced all of the songs on the record and noted how important it was for him to “have a hand in how the music sounds.” The artist admitted his influences for each track stretch far and wide. For example, the song ‘Overnight’ was inspired by bands like The Scriptwhile also pulling on some classics Florida Georgia Linewhile ‘Along For The Ride’ is “heavily, heavily, heavily” influenced by tracks on Keith Urban‘s 2002 album Golden Road. “It’s just this big melting pot. There’s inspiration everywhere,” he said.

The singer admitted to writing over 150 songs through August 2022, and narrowed his solo debut down to these 5 that he felt represented him best. Starting with ‘I Will,’ the first song he wrote as a solo artist, the record continues onto ‘Along For The Ride,’ which was inspired by his now-fiancé turning up the radio to sing along to a Beyoncé song during a road trip. trip. ‘Overnight’ is what Jordan called the ‘start of the journey’ for him, written about his first heartbreak.

Jordan Harvey. (Catherine Powell)

In ‘Alabama Girl’ he commits his love to his own Alabama girl, Madison Fendley, to whom he proposed in December around the holidays. Jordan finishes the EP with ‘Thing About Change,’ which he wrote a month after he met Madison. “I knew after the first date I wanted to spend my life with her, so that song is so honest and true,” the rising artist reflected, adding, “The EP is a storyboard of my life.”

Jordan also told HL that he plans to get right back into the studio “within the next three to six months” to cut his next batch of music! “At the very least, we’ll definitely have more music out within the next year, 100%,” he promised. In the meantime, download and listen to It Is What It Isnow available everywhere you get your music!

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