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Keenan Cahill: 5 Things About Beloved YouTube Star Dead At 27




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Image Credit: BT1/Mandatory Credit: Brian To/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency

  • Keenan Cahill was a YouTube artist.
  • He was known for his hilarious lip-syncing videos, which sometimes featured celebrities.
  • The online personality died on Dec. 29, 2022, per TMZ.

Some people use their online presence to bring a smile and a laugh to others, and that’s exactly what Keenan Cahill did The YouTube star, who sadly died on Dec. 29, 2022, per TMZ, was an online sensation who brought others joy with his music. The late 27-year-old had over 722K subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Below are five things to know about Keenan!

Keenan Cahill died on Dec. 29, 2022. (Brian To/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

1. Keenan Cahill Was A YouTuber

Keenan began his YouTube career over 10 years ago in 2009. Over the years he gained a massive following of over 700K subscribers on the video-sharing site. People loved him for creating a hilarious lip-syncing videos, and later he started to create his own music. Some of his own tracks include: “Rain”, “Saying Goodbye”, “Here and Now”, and more. His most recent release was “Rain”, which he dropped on Dec. 8, 2022.

2. He collaborated with many celebrities

Aside from making solo videos, Keenan was known for featuring many iconic celebrities on his YouTube account. Some of his early videos included guest appearances from Footloose actress Julianne Houghthe rapper 50 Centthe electronic duo LMFAOand even “Who’s That Chick” DJ David Guetta. In 2011, he had Julianne come on his YouTube show to lip-sync the “Footloose” track with him and many of his fans were obsessed. “I love Julianne on Dancing with the stars! I hope she’s back next season. 🙂 Great job Keenan!”, one admirer wrote.

For Keenan’s 16th birthday he even was able to get pop icon Katy Perry to make a special birthday Tribute video for him, which he posted on his account. “I heard that you’re turning sweet 16 and it wouldn’t be a sweet 16 if I didn’t tell you how much I absolutely adore you,” the “Firework” songstress said at the time. The 38-year-old then told the late YouTuber that she “loved” his videos of her songs “Teenage Dream” and “ET” Later, Katy ended up coming onto his show to perform a song together.

3. Keenan Was Public About His Health Battles

Sadly, Keenan was battling multiple health issues leading up to his Dec. 2022 death. He was very open about his health battles online, and even revealed to his fans that he was undergoing open heart surgery on Dec. 15, 2022. “One week till open heart surgery Wish me luck Love ya’ll,” he captioned a Dec. 5, 2022 post. Later on Dec. 12, he revealed the date of the surgery. “For those who are asking. December 15th is the date of the surgery,” he posted via Instagram.

4. He Died On Dec. 29, 2022

Just over two weeks after Keenan revealed the date of his surgery, news tragically struck that he had died. His manager, David Grahamconfirmed the news of his passing TMZ on Dec. 30, 2022. He reportedly told the outlet that the musician underwent the open heart surgery as scheduled, but that there were “complications from the procedure.” He also revealed that due to the complications, Keenan was “put on life support,” and died in a Chicago hospital soon after being taken off life support on Dec. 29, 2022.

5. The Star Was Loved By His Fans

Upon the news of his passing, many of Keenan’s fans took to the comments section of his YouTube and Instagram videos to mourn him. “Core YouTube childhood memories from you. Fly free in the eternal sky,” one fan wrote, while another chimed in, “RIP Keenan, thank you for the laughter and smiles you brought.” A third Instagram follower wrote about how much they loved the late online personality during their youth. “Rest in peace, you were someone I loved as a child. it sucks to hear the news of your passing. Thank you for being able to put a smile on thousands of faces over the years. rest easy Keenan,” they penned.

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