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‘Kold x Windy’ Stars Tease The Duo Going In ‘Different Directions’ & ‘Tension’ Ahead (Exclusive)



Cold x Windy follows talented artists Malika “Kold” Wise and Renee “Windy” Johnson. Kold wants a better life for herself and her son, while Windy is dedicated to the streets. Sh’Kia Augustin and Nijah Brenea spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the series at the dynamic between the two women at the heart of the show.

Sh'Kia Augustin and Nijah Brenea
Sh’Kia Augustin and Nijah Brenea in ‘Kold x Windy.’ (WE TV)

“I think it was just the opportunity of a lifetime because behind the violence and all the things at the core of the show, it’s really about two women trying to grow, two women trying to evolve, two women trying to make their dreams come true. . I think everybody can relate to that,” Sh’Kia said. “So personally, I hope people don’t just look at the show and just think it’s about violence or think we’re trying to promote violence. I think the show is really about two women who are really, really just going in two different directions, but they want to stay together, they love each other, they love Kold and Windy, and they’re trying to grow together. But because they have two different ideas about how to grow, it creates tension in their relationship. But I think people will be inspired to see them and how they handle those situations and how they grow and evolve.”

Nijah revealed that Windy is “definitely family-oriented,” but when it comes to romance that’s when it “gets a little tricky for her.” She added, “I just really feel like street credibility and being out in the streets and rapping is very, very important to her. When it comes to love, romance, or vulnerability, it sounds soft, it sounds weak. I think Windy definitely tries to kind of steer away from that, and you’ll see onscreen other reasons why romance doesn’t click for her because of things that she’s gone through.”

Since the series is literally titled Cold x Windy, it was imperative that the actresses behind the roles have effortless chemistry with each other. Sh’Kia revealed that she and Nijah “clicked” as soon as they met. “I remember booking the role, and then one of the producers sent me a text and said, ‘Here’s Nijah’s number.’ I was about to text her, and I think the text came in already. It was just so exciting. I was like, okay, she’s coming with this energy, I feel like I can give it back.”

Cold x Windy
A scene from Kold x Windy. (WE TV)

She continued, “I feel like since that day until the day of wrap, even now, we’ve spoken literally every day or every other day. I think it was just because we clicked naturally over a text message that evolved into voice memos, and now we’re just sending voice memos back and forth. It just gave us a chance to get to know each other’s energy while not being around each other. So that by the time we actually saw each other, I feel like we probably had like a week or two weeks before we booked it and then saw each other. Once I actually saw her in person, it honestly felt like I already knew her.”

Cold x Windy airs Thursdays on WE tv. New episodes become available on the AMC streaming service ALLBLK every Monday following their premiere on WE tv.

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