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Latto Claps Back At Style Troll By Listing Her Underwear On Ebay & Gets $100K Bid




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Image Credit: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection

Latto is taking her “Big Energy” to eBay. The 24-year-old rapper has turned an insult about her underwear into a potentially lucrative side gig after she listed a pair of her used cheetah print undies for sale on eBay, and the bid reached $95,650 before it was taken down by the site. The buzz started when an internet troll criticized her for seemingly wearing the same pair of underwear twice. You read that correctly. Twitter User @extraathique shared recent images of the Ohio native in two separate outfits with the same cheetah print panties sticking out at the top and captioned it, “Can’t afford new panties?” The tweet can be seen here.

The tweet went viral, especially after Latto responded. “Oh no, it’s the panty police,” she said wrote alongside the jab on Jan. 29. She didn’t stop there, though. Latto hopped on her Instagram Stories to give fans a look at her underwear drawer following the “panty discrepancy,” she called it. The video can be seen above.

After greeting her followers, she aimed the camera at a dresser drawer that was filled with five clean pairs of the same cheetah-print panties that started the drama, plus several others. Latto revealed they cost $5 at Target. She also claimed to own “a whole separate drawer for all things Savage X Fenty by Rihanna. “Maybe another day,” she ended the video, teasing fans that they may get to see that specific section of her underwear next.

Latto entertained the subject once more when she shared an image of the five cheetah-print undies on her Story and claimed she would “wear a pair today and sell em tomorrow,” as seen in the above image. She did not disappoint. The next day, the “I Just Called” hitmaker shared a link to her listing, which showed a 99-cent listing that offered free shipping. “Auction live on eBay since I can’t wear them twice,” she captioned the tweet with a crying emoji.

However, before anyone could get their hands on the nearly $100,000 pair of used underwear, eBay removed the listing on Tuesday, Jan. 31 for violating the site’s Terms of Service, which prohibits selling used underwear and socks. Although the viral rapper has not directly addressed her terminated listing, she joked about the ordeal on her Instagram Story by sharing a meme of a little girl sitting on her father’s lap and asking why her mother doesn’t live with them anymore. “BECAUSE I SPENT $95,650 BUYING LATTOS PANTIES,” his response read. The father’s son, who was playing on the ground, called him a “legend” for doing so. Latto also changed her profile picture to an image of the famous panties with emoji eyes and lips on it.

Although her business venture got shut down, fans are now rallying to have Latto pair up with Target to collaborate on some underwear designs. Fans will have to wait and see if the idea comes to fruition!

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