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Liv Tyler: Why the actress destined to be a star who refused to be a “second-class citizen” in Hollywood disappeared | Celebrities, VIPs | S Mode THE COUNTRY



He had everything to be the great Hollywood star of this century. Daughter –lost and found– of one of rock’s biggest stars, muse of Bertolucci and protagonist of a legendary music video before coming of age, 90s style icon and owner of one of the most acclaimed beauties of the seventh art, until David Beckham himself is the godfather of his son and has been part of one of the most successful cinematographic sagas in the history of cinema and a series worthy of the hordes of fans who continue to worship him. Few actresses today can muster a more impressive accumulation of merit and milestones than that of Liv Tyler, the actress best known for her role as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings, Armageddon That is Leftovers, but even fewer can boast of having given up their place at Olympus by choice. The 45-year-old daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler stepped away from acting on a voluntary basis for more than two years, after speaking out and experiencing first-hand the machismo and ageism that continue to mark women’s careers in the mecca of cinema as they pass their thirties. While the female characters of power rings -the new series based on JRR Tolkien’s mythology- breaking with the halo of damsels in distress based on mighty sword swings, the elf who first crossed Middle-earth sits in her London home while waiting for the recognition of an industry that it did not know, or did not want, to listen to a complaint which today is already a clamor.

The elf Arwen has been the most popular character of Tyler’s career. Photo: Cordon Press

Two years before the Weinstein affair was unveiled – which today celebrates its fifth anniversary – and before movements like #MeToo or Time’s Up irreparably shake the foundations of the Mecca of cinema, Liv Tyler dared to give the face to denounce one of the greatest scourges of the film industry. “At my age, you’re like a second-class citizen in Hollywood,” assured in an interview, condemning the ageist tyranny that banishes actresses as they age. In her case, she was only 38 years old. “When you’re a teenager or in your twenties, there’s an incredible variety of ingenuous girl roles that you’re excited to play. But it’s not funny at all when you see that things are starting to change.”

The impact of her words was felt in a filmography that suddenly lost momentum and, as with so many other actresses who spoke out against inequality in the industry, in spreading the rumor that she is a “difficult” actress to work with. Herself, in Porter magazine, referred to her allegedly bad reputation: “I am a feminist and I am proud of it. Throughout my life I’ve been called controlling for wanting to focus on details, oblivious to follow my heart and taking risks, told I didn’t mince words or even called crazy for speaking my mind and not accepting shit from the people. It amazes me when that happens and it motivates me to work harder to stand up for what I believe in for myself and for all women.”

The actress poses with her father at an event in 2019. Photo: Getty

But the protests against the misogyny reigning in the industry by the New Yorker, who has had a runaway success since the mid-90s with her appearance in the video of the mythical Mad of Aerosmith and who was described as the second greatest beauty in the history of cinema only behind Audrey Hepburn, go back even further in time. At the height of his career, just when The king’s return swept away critics and audiences alike, the twenty-year-old’s physique was already under the most outrageous scrutiny of the game’s cast executives in the hills offices of Los Angeles. Unafraid of the possible repercussions, Tyler confessed in 2003 that he had been warned that “he should lose weight if he wants to get more roles”. “But I refuse to follow Hollywood standards. To the rest of the world, I’m thin and I like being who I am.

Liv Tyler celebrated her 16th birthday with a big party in Hollywood. Photo: Getty

Perhaps her clairvoyance and her boredom with the misogynistic gears that condition the careers of so many actresses are due to the fact that few of them like her have lived so intensely and early on what it means to be a public figure in the Mecca of cinema. Daughter of model and former Playboy bunny Bebe Buell and the aforementioned Aerosmith frontman – who didn’t know who her biological father was until she was a teenager – at 14 she was already a catwalk model, at 16 her birthday party became a must-attend event among Los Angeles socialites and before coming of age he played Magazine covers Alongside her then-boyfriend, none other than Joaquin Phoenix. Accompanied by fellow music girl Stella McCartney, she took to the prestigious 1999 MET Gala red carpet wearing a T-shirt that read the words ‘Rock Royalty’ for become the epitome of fin-de-siècle cool.

Actress and designer Stella McCartney left us with an unforgettable look at the 1999 Met Gala. Photo: Getty

Mother of three children from two different marriages, with musician Royston Langdon and with sports agent Dave Gardner – they separated last year – Liv Tyler now lives outside the public spotlight and inherited privileged status. on your account instagramwhich has more than two and a half million followers, there are no glamorous portraits of photo call, selfies at exclusive galas or tedious advertisements of the fashionable perfume, but the manners of a trip to the countryside, the last tooth lost by your young daughter or an imperfectly homemade birthday cake. With no professional project in sight, he resigned in 2020 from a multi-year contract with the Fox television channel and left the series. 911: The Lone Star lest the pandemic jeopardize the regularity of transoceanic travel with which he keeps in touch with his family. Despite the controversy of its professional defenestration, even its protagonist does not seem to miss the pomp and pageantry of the place where he was born. Already Attention in his early days: “Life excites me. I’m not talking about acting in movies or doing interviews, but normal little everyday things. Getting out of bed, getting dressed, preparing food… It all sounds exciting, you know?

Liv Tyler quickly became the quintessential it girl of 90s cinema. Photo: Getty