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‘Lock Up’ fame Anjali Arora broke her silence over the alleged MMS video and cried, saying, ‘If you can’t match, then infamous…’



Kangana Ranaut Anjali Arora, who rose to popularity thanks to the reality show “Lock Up”, is under discussion these days. Recently, an alleged MMS video of him went viral. Apparently, Anjali is shown in a reprehensible position in this video. After much speculation whether the video is real or fake, Anjali herself reacted to the viral video and claimed that some people were trying to defame her image. In an interview with RJ Siddhartha Kannan, he broke his silence regarding the alleged MMS video.

Anjali Arora said, “I don’t know what these people are doing. Putting my name on my picture, they say it’s Anjali. I don’t know why, these people did me. They too have a family. , I also have a family. My family also watches all the videos. Sometimes I feel like when I see all these things, why are they doing what I’m not doing.”

Anjali Arora added, “Why am I spreading so much where I am not there. For views of useless stuff on youtube. MMS by Anjali Arora. I also have a family…I have younger brothers who see this. ok you want to defame someone..but this way man. They say that when someone is not equal, then start defaming them. So that’s all he does.

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(Photo credits: Instagram @anjimaxuofficially)

When asked what is the reaction of his parents to the whole situation? Then Anjali made a shocking revelation and said it has been happening since the days of ‘lockdown’. He said the same thing happened during his time on the show and his parents filed an FIR saying a fake video was being shared in his (Anjali) name.

Anjali said her parents never asked her about it. Anjali also shared that people don’t understand how someone’s family will be affected by this and nowadays people like to do all this. They think it’s great.

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