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‘Married At First Sight’ Exclusive Preview: Airris Admits To Jasmine It Will ‘Take A Lot’ For Him To Fall In Love



Jasmine and Airris have a heart-to-heart on the beach about their feelings in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the February 8 episode of Married At First Sight. Jasmine tells Airris that it’s a “little eyebrow raise” for her that he’s never been in love. “I feel a little pressure wanting my husband to fall in love with me, but I don’t know if that will happen. So that worries me a little bit,” she says.

Jasmine in the February 9 episode. (Lifetime)

Airris responds, “I feel like it is going to be a challenge but a good challenge. I would love to be somebody’s first love.” Jasmine notes that it doesn’t “take much” for her to fall in love with someone. Airris quips that it will “take a lot for me” to fall in love. Jasmine replies, “Obviously.”

Jasmine adds, “I’m scared I’m gonna get to that point with you, and then you don’t feel that, and that’s gonna make me feel rejected in a way. I don’t know if I want to hold back, or I don’t really know where your head is at, so I guess I’m more so afraid to fall in love with you and it not being there for you.”

Airris tells Jasmine, “I feel like everybody needs to pump the brakes.” That is not what Jasmine wanted to hear. Jasmine clarifies that she’s not in love right not, but she does fall in love easily.

“I just think this is so awkward,” Airris admits. Jasmine doesn’t feel it’s awkward at all. “For me, it’s just time. I don’t feel like there’s anything I can do or you can do to make it less awkward. I feel like time will solve a lot of these awkwardness moments,” Airris says.

Airris talks to Jasmine about his feelings. (Lifetime)

Jasmine is more than ready to settle down and start a family. Airris wants to have a strong, independent woman by his side, but he has taken the last few years to really focus on himself. Married At First Sight season 16 airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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