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‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: Krysten Claps Back At Mitch For Questioning Her



Kristen is asked about her childhood hero while sitting down with Mitch in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the September 21 episode of Married at First Sight. Krysten opens up about her mom, who raised her and her sisters as a single mom at one point. Krysten reveals that her mom is a Cuban immigrant who “came to this country with nothing.” After hard work and patience, her mom is now “very high up at her company and extremely wealthy in many many ways, not just financially.”

Married At First Sight
Krysten snaps at Mitch in this preview. (Lifetime)

Mitch doesn’t just leave it there. He doesn’t want to “challenge” Krysten, but he wonders if she felt that way when she was a kid since this exercise is about her childhood hero. “Yes, I did,” a noticeably mad Krysten says as she flicks the sticky note.

Krysten is asked about her reaction to Mitch, she says to him, “Why are you challenging me on that?” He responds, “I just thought it was a good question.” He fumbles his words, which doesn’t make this tense situation easier.

She says to Mitch, “When somebody answers a question, especially about their childhood hero, you don’t question it.” Krysten goes on to admit that she just doesn’t want pushback from him all the time.

Married At First Sight
Krysten and Mitch of ‘MAFS’ season 15. (Lifetime)

“I just want you to say, ‘That sounds amazing. What a great story.’ But he doesn’t say that,” Krysten says as she wipes tears from her eyes.

Krysten and Mitch have certainly had their struggles since tying the knot. In an earlier episode, Mitch confessed that he wasn’t feeling that “physical spark” with Krysten. “I’m just putting so much tremendous pressure on myself because everything on paper adds up,” Mitch admitted. “I can see why the experts matched us, the compatibility, the life goals. She’s definitely like an awesome person, and I’m like really enjoying getting to know her, but I’m just kind of not feeling that physical spark.” Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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