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‘Masked Singer’s Bride Revealed: Why The Wrestler Wanted To Do Something ‘You Wouldn’t Expect’ (Exclusive)



Chris Jericho

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Image Credit: FOX

The Bride was unmasked during the November 16 episode of The Masked Singerand the celebrity under the mask was likely someone you least expected: famed wrestler Chris Jericho. He had the panelists stumped as to his identity, and that’s exactly how Chris wanted it. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Chris who revealed why the Bride was the perfect mask for him.

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho was revealed as the Bride. (Andrew Schwartz/SplashNews)

“I wanted to do something that people wouldn’t expect. I always hate the stereotype of the wrestler guy has to be a barbarian or warlord or something,” Chris said. “So I was kind of thinking, what if I suggest like a Tinkerbell fairy or something? They said they had something along the same lines. It’s the Bride. I was in. Done. In 3 seconds, that’s exactly what I want to do. Something that you wouldn’t expect.”

He added, “I really wanted to lean into the idea of ​​fooling people as to who I really am. That’s my number one goal. I didn’t want anyone to know who I am, so what can I do to make that happen? How about wearing a bride dress as a giant pink dinosaur? Great. What else? Use an English accent? Great. Let me give that a try as well. Let me sing a song that’s not hard rock, things that people wouldn’t expect Chris Jericho to do was the exact reason why.”

The Bride costume was elaborate from head to toe. From the dinosaur costume to the wedding dress, Chris went all-out as the dinosaur newlywed. Chris admitted that his costume was “unique in that it was all encapsulating. I’m not sure if anybody else really had one like it. I’m assuming if there was a fire in the studio and everyone ran out, I’d be screwed. I couldn’t get out of it myself. You are actually in it.”

The wrestler admitted the first couple of times he stepped into the Bride costume was “super hot because there was no ventilation, so they had to drill some holes in it. Then I got a portable fan to wear around my neck that I can only turn on when you weren’t singing because if you have it on when you’re singing, it was picked up by the mic.”

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho performing as the Bride. (FOX)

For his performance on Comedy Roast Night, Chris rocked out to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding.” Even though he has been guessed as a contestant a few times, none of the panelists guessed Chris as the Bride. Despite being eliminated, the Bride will go down as one of The Masked Singer’s most memorable contestants.

“I think being the frontman of a rock and roll band and also being a wrestler, anytime you have a live crowd, you want to work the crowd,” Chris said. And that’s exactly what he did. The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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